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  1. I have an additional pci slot that would allow for another 1080ti. I am kinda new to the computer thing so just trying not break my new rig. I am just afraid that the space between the two wouldn’t allow for enough cooling?
  2. Not sure if this is the right discussion channel or not but this is what has been bugging me..... i am running a new i7 8700 with 16gb ram and a GTX 1080 ti. I have a monitor that runs 144 htz Love his machine and am trying to get into streaming a little more. I am getting a very bad lag in my stream and have no issues with gameplay. When I am running current games I am still seeing a huge gpu pull. I see very little pull when trying to stream through cpu. I would like to run the system at the highest it can go without over cloacking (fear of over heating). I have either been looking into getting a second tower to help in streaming or adding a second 1080 ti (be almost the same price for a second comp). I am also concerned about over heating with adding a second gpu through sli. Anytips or suggestions on if adding a second gpu would be good or if I should just go and buy a second computer? Thanks!