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    How do I solve/better my internet problem

    Thank you very much for the information I will try this out as soon as I come home and I will update this post with my results. Cheers
  2. Hi, I have been having major issues with my internet from lagging to all together randomly disconnecting from my devices. I have metronet and last I remember around 750-1000 Mb internet package. When everything is disconnected other than my computer and a few phones I am getting about 250Mb wireless on my computer upload and download which is good but when everything else is connected I get on average 15-40Mb which fluctuates resulting in the terrible rubberbanding I experience in games. I am not able to run Ethernet up to my computer because of the distance. I changed my router that was provided by the isp and got a tp-link ac-2200 router which I had from when I live in the netherlands (right now I'm in the us). I had increased rage and my speeds were a bit higher because of the bandwidth the router provided but my family experienced their devices disconnecting. Personally I didn't experience this but because of it I had to go back to the original. Sorry for the long essay but I wanted to supply any helpers with as much information as I could provide. First how could I better my internet in not such an expensive way and a friend told me I should run two routers of of the modem and use one for myself. How would I do this, would this work and would this increase my internet speed in anyway.if you have any other solutions I have open ears. Thank you guys so much