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  1. Hi thanks for your answer. I will look into your suggested components. Would you also suggest an upgrade of the Mainboard itself? (Never did a BIOS update). An i7-7700k is ~440€ and e.g. is I look at an current i5-9600K it is 279€. Is that not an better price per performance? Also how big is the difference e.g. between an 1660 Ti and an 2060. Would it be definetly the 1660 if i am not interested in RTX?
  2. Hello guys - I hope you will help me. Myself - I never built a complete new system and I am also not a triple A Gamer or overclocker. No offence to all the people but I don't have much interest in this. It should just work. All of my three main PC's over the years were pre-built on websites were you can choose the parts and then these pc's got some upgrades over the year (RAM, Graphics Card etc) lasting around 4-5 years for me. Currently I am on this setup which is from 2016. Case: be quit! Silent Base 600 CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 CPU Cooler: Deepcool Lucifer MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Graphics: GeForce 1060 RAM: 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 (2x8GB) SSD: 250GB Power: 600W be quiet! Straight Power E10 CM Monitor: 2x basic 1080p Samsung nothing special.... What am I doing? As you can guess not much which this built. I am not an FPS fanatic. I mainly play WoW, Rocket League and since a few weeks Apex e.g. For me personally... over the years... even only 20-30 FPS is playable in this game for a World Rank < 100. This and money of course are the reason I don't have an high end build and also don't think I need it for this game and my use in general. Nevertheless almost 4 Years and I want to upgrade this but don't want to sell(recycle) the whole pc and buy a complete new one. I want to upgrade this and therefore need help and I have some questions. Budget: Mostly don't care if it does not overshoot my needs. It does not have to be very budget. I only want to exchange Graphics and CPU and if needed Motherboard. I think all of the rest I can still use for my purpose. If I look at HW Monitor CPU definetly is my bottle neck running all most all the time at 100% in Apex or even WoW + Streaming (no frame drops + 8k Bitrate results in ~20-30 fps ingame). It is also not a time pressure so if there is a good solution coming in the next month I can wait. Btw. Team Green and Blue. For graphics, I really don't know which one currently is the best fps per $ solution. I am guessing coming from a 1060 6GB a GTX 1160(Ti), 1070(Ti), or 2060 could be a solution here. For CPU I am completely clueless considering there are plently old gen solution which are way better then mine. So folks I hope I can get some helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance and kind regards