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  1. I plugged it into my ASUS mother board and the leds came on I can’t really test on it cause it has bent pins
  2. Well I also have a rm750x Corsair that when I plug in to the mobo it won’t turn on and this psu is only months old
  3. Thank you so much for your help I hope it works
  4. Very interesting will have to check out a evga unit
  5. I’ve had a 970 which did it as well just not as often yes pci e cables all in lastesr drivers I’ve tried an hdmi cord in case dp was one of the funky ones
  6. The psu is about 5 years old which I know is old but he fan runs and the local repair shop said psu was fine but I don’t know what they based that off of if it helps sometimes it would reset (not nearly as often) with my 970
  7. So when I play any game that requires any type of cpu/gpu activity my computer hard reboots cuts to black and reboots. No idea what is happening. I’m not over heating when this happens both the gpu and cpu are well under 60 Celsius. I cannot play division, or apex legends however the computer will run league for hours on end. Specs cpu: intel i5 7600k gpu: rtx 2070 evga black edition psu 850 watt Corsair 80+ bronze 16g ram Corsair vengeance mobo: MSi h270 cpu mate ps. All fans are working and functional and I’ve tested power supply