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  1. Oh wait found it. https://downdetector.com.au/status/optus. It seems that the large spikes in ping could be on there end because there is a jump in reports around the time it happened, I'll keep an eye on the website to see if it keeps lining up.
  2. I live in Queensland, Australia, and my isp is Optus who isn't on the list you sent.
  3. Hi, Sorry if I screw anything up with this post, it's my first time creating one on any forum. As the title says I'm currently having trouble with my ping, for most of the day it's fine, hovering around 30 ms without issue but other times it jumps up to 200-300 ms. I don't know if it's related but a lot of the time this happens at night. I'm pretty sure it has been like this for a pretty long time now and I've not noticed it as that's still good enough to chat to my friends on discord or host Terraria servers, but recently due to me getting games like Star craft 2 and League of Legends it has put the issue into painful focus. Along with this baseline high ping it's also accompanied by occasional huge lag spike every couple of hours which can last anywhere between a few seconds to an hour, during which my ping is usually between 1000 to 2000 ms. It use to be that these would only happen when my sister would upload photo's to face book or watch Netflix on her old xbox but now it seems to happen randomly and it's getting really annoying. So that's why I'm presenting it to you guys in the hopes that someone can help. Also before you do responded I should mention that I have a fair knowledge of software but very little of networks and how they work (like I've only tried port forwarding twice and it failed both times.) so I'm sorry if you need to dumb things down for me a bit.