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  1. So I ran memtest and this is what I got. Anybody have any clue?
  2. Ok I will try. Will bring my ssd to my friend’s house and give it a shot. Will update later.
  3. I don’t have the old pc atm because i gave it to my friend. It’s an old pc from I think 2012? I bought it prebuilt. I’m sure it’s still on ddr3 ram only as my ram is ddr4 on my new one.
  4. I actually did not. I just took it out, deleted everything, then installed windows and everything was good.
  5. I only have a samsung 1 tb ssd. It worked perfectly fine on my old pc. Also, when I built it yesterday it was working fine as well. This morning it just started crashing.
  6. That is my current issue atm. When I’m installing windows it crashes and gives me the error “page fault in nonpaged area”
  7. No other ram. This is my first computer build. I was going to test the gpu but turns out my 2600x does not come with a igpu. So I am stuck.
  8. That’s weird because I used this same exact usb to install my windows and it worked perfectly fine. I’m thinking maybe my brand new ram took a crap on me?
  9. Oh ok I did that. Still the same issue. I am stuck here. Cannot find a solution to this.
  10. I updated bios earlier to see if that was the issue but it didn’t fix the issue. And okay I will seat and unseat them. Edit: also, what do you mean by settings to auto on bios? Edit 2: seating and unseating them did not solve the problem. I restored bios to default settings.
  11. Got another code when trying to reinstall windows again. “Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area”
  12. Cpu: ryzen 2600x Cpu cooler: Corsair 120mm Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming plus Gpu: Powercolor red dragon Vega 56 8 gb Ram: Corsair vengeance LPX 16 gb 2400mhz Psu: Corsair 650rmx 650watt 80+ gold
  13. Ok I will try. As of right now I’m trying to reinstall windows because I thought it was a windows 10 problem but it seems as if I can’t even install windows without getting a blue screen either. It says “STOP CODE: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.” Any reasons why it is still crashing?
  14. From here? https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/radeon-rx-vega-series/radeon-rx-vega-series/radeon-rx-vega-56
  15. Hey guys I just built my computer yesterday and I am currently having a strange problem with my graphics card I believe. So yesterday when I built my pc and was installing my gpu drivers and downloaded the Newest recommended on power color’s page(18.1.1). Now I am constantly getting blue screen crashes? Also, before that I was having issues where my monitor was not being detected.