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    i7-8086k @ 5.2GHZ
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    Asus ROG Strix z370-E
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  1. Just watched the video about LTT getting 10 gigabit speedtest, and Linus not able to fully test those speeds. I just wanted to throw this out here because I want to see a real speed test. The easiest to test available internet speeds would be to use a Google Cloud Compute trial (AKA you can speedtest for free then delete) in the northamerica-northeast1 region. I would recommend a 8 core, 32GB ram, 100GB SSD server. It is capable of 16 gigabit LAN speeds, and have seen it hit 9 gigabit real world. I had to setup another Google instance in another region just to find something that can speedtest it. Then you can use iperf 3 like mentioned in the video to a server like this. This can get your maximum real world speed without having to resorting to torrents (even the legal ones). On a side note: I am disappointed its only 10 gigabit LAN. I was hoping for him to go over the top and get something like the CIsco 9000 series. They brought out some crazy new hardware able to push 100gbps and 400 gbps per port. At minimum run a 40 gigabit backbone to each server and to a ethernet-based 10 gig copper switch for the employees. That way you can use your full internet bandwidth and still push anything you want to your servers at the same time. Don't have to worry about speeds when everyone is in a crunch trying to download, edit, and upload videos from CES and such.