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  1. Plasma965

    Water Cooling Graphics card

    If anyone knows of a good RGB water cooler for this GIGABYTE NVIDIA RTX 2080 TI GAMING OC 11GB GDDR6 GRAPHICS CARD graphics card could you please let me know. Thanks
  2. Plasma965

    Which 2070 is best to water cool

  3. Plasma965

    Which 2070 is best to water cool

    Mostly looking good (Aura RGB)
  4. if you know of any graphics cards that water cool easily please let me know
  5. I'm not too worried about a keyboard or trackpad and the battery i could think about later. Could you please let me now if there is a small power supply that has alot of wattage. i saw one on Linus's video on the water cooled server but im not sure if that would work.
  6. i dont really care if its messy but are there any thick laptops that i could use as a chassis
  7. I was thinking of buying and old laptop shell that was thick enough to fit a motherboard. i don't really care if the io on the back of the motherboard hangs out but if you could help with any advice it would be appreciated