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  1. reallylikeskeypad

    What 120mm fans would you recomend for low noise & low cost

    this, have the F14 (140mm version) and unless at max RPM theyre pretty quiet
  2. reallylikeskeypad

    Ryzen Stock cooler noise

    not too sure about what cooler is right for a 2200g, but if you want to go all out you can get something like a hyper 212 evo or cryorig h7
  3. reallylikeskeypad

    Ryzen Stock cooler noise

    I think thats normal, if it really bothers you then you can buy an aftermarket cooler
  4. reallylikeskeypad

    MX Vertical

    Yes, so far Im looking at the anker vertical mouse and it looks promising
  5. reallylikeskeypad

    MX Vertical

    What exactly makes the Logiteh MX Vertical worth $100? An Anker vertical mouse looks like it has the same features (besides software) and costs 1/5 the price of the MX Vertical
  6. reallylikeskeypad

    Looking for ergonomic keypad

    damn its $112 on amazon, I can get a full mechanical keyboard for that, what makes these razer keypads so expensive?
  7. reallylikeskeypad

    Looking for ergonomic keypad

    Whats a good keypad that focuses on ergonomics? I dont really care about features or software, just ergonomics I would get the razer tartarus v2 but paying $80 for a membrane keypad seems ridiculous