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  1. Ive got m570 and a vertical mouse, which would better to use in terms of ergonomics? the trackball takes away wrist and arm movement but the vertical mouse is more vertical
  2. this sounds good, though Id change the ssd to something with ram (I dont think the a400 has it) and get a 240gb as theyre like $10 more also possiby a better power supply, I get that APUs dont need much power at all but if you ever want to get a dedicated gpu you wouldnt have to change the power supply
  3. why buy windows? It isnt worth $100 and even if you need it you can get it for $14 on other websites
  4. A trend I see with a lot of mechanical keyboards is the plate having a hole under the spacebar that exposes the pcb of the keyboard. Why do companies do this? Cant I just put tape over it to cover the pcb or can that screw something up?
  5. Im looking for some bassy, and I mean really bassy 2.1 desktop speakers for around $100
  6. also if you have the equipment and knowledge you can try buying and soldering on better switches
  7. logitech gaming mice are notorious for having double click issues, just google it also most omron switches are fine, but logitech just uses its cheap chinese ones
  8. I use a keyboard similar to mx browns (romer g) and I dont really notice the tactile bump since I always bottom out so I dont think I would notice them with mx browns
  9. the silver is just the red but with 1.2mm actuation right? Would that make a real world difference when typing or gaming?
  10. For the keyboard that Im interested in I have the choice between cherry mx red switches and silver switches, which would be better? Ill be using the keyboard primarily for typing. Im also assuming they feel the same?
  11. would cherry mx silent reds with o-rings feel the same as mx reds with o-rings?
  12. How are MX silent reds in terms of feel? I know that theyre quieter than normal reds but how do they feel? Are they mushy or basically the same feel as reds? Would I be better off getting MX reds plus o rings?
  13. Ive got a downfiring speaker and Im wondering if its fine to put it on the left of me under my desk, I see people having their subwoofer on the right and recommending it, though if I kept it on the right it would be right next to my PC and I dont think the vibration would be good for it considering it has a heavy cpu cooler and graphcis card installed.
  14. Whats a reliable USB 2.0 hub? Id just be connecting stuff like my mic and speakers so I dont really need a powered one. Having an adhesive on the bottom would be nice though not needed