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  1. I've tried it, fps drops a wee bit but nothing else. CPU and GPU usage are still nearing 100% at all times under load from BF V, most other titles, the CPU now goes down to 20-60% usage, depending on the title. I'm gonna buy a 2560x1440p 144hz monitor next month when I get paid, see if pushing that extra monitor power in will help my CPU go down abit. Thanks for all of the help you lads have given, much appreciate it
  2. Mmhm, well in most titles, it runs 40-60% usage. But Battlefield really cranks it up. The posts above made it clear, that BF is a very CPU demanding game. Hopefully that's the reason
  3. Yeah, that would be my next investment as well. But it'll have to wait abit, just sunk £1700 into this rig over the last 2 months.. Wallets getting kinda thin
  4. Oh ok, so I shouldn't worry then. Seems to work fine on other applications, with reasonable CPU usage in the 30-60%. Not super tech savy, so figured I'd rather ask someone that might know what they're talking about Thank you all for the help. I'll just appreciate this pure awesomeness that is my new pc. Up next, 4k monitor!
  5. I'm playing on 1080p, 75 hz refresh rate. I'm running around the 70-80 fps mark on highest possible settings. The game runs absolutely flawalessly, just seems like an extremely high CPU usage. I've seen other posts else where, and screensshots where they have about the same fps, resolution and frame rate where their CPU usage is only in the mid to high 60's. Which had me wondering.
  6. So as the title suggest, I just upgraded to an i9-9900k from my i5-4690k cause that was being bottlenecked by my RTX. Seems that the i9 9900k suffers the same problem when playing BF V etc. Is this suppose to happen, or did I/is something wrong? I've overclocked the CPU to 5.1 hz on all cores, 16 gigs of ram running at 3100hz. Temps are stable on CPU in the low 80's under full load, GPU temps are stable at low 70's at 100% usage. So to sum up, CPU usage during BF V is 95% or higher GPU usage is 99-100% usage (which is good obviously). Any help on this, if nothing else just to learn something new here is much appreciated Regards, Alex.