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  1. ... and that's too expensive lol (AUD) If you can't find one, don't bother
  2. thanks, but it aint micro atx. mini itx mobo's are waaay more expensive the micro atx mobo's
  3. what is the cheapest, smallest, MICRO ATX and red and black themed pc case? under AUD$70 smol case
  4. _Elon_

    i finna have no idea whats a good monitor

    what is it called?
  5. _Elon_

    i finna have no idea whats a good monitor

    ok, because there was this person that reviewed the MSI MAG271C and thought it had ghosting issues, and then turned on anti ghosting and it made the screen really dim i was also thinking to get the msi mag271c
  6. _Elon_

    i finna have no idea whats a good monitor

    but people seem to notice more ghosting issues even though they are advertised as as 1ms, such as some other tn panels
  7. _Elon_

    i finna have no idea whats a good monitor

    mainly gaming
  8. i live in the land down under (Australia) and i was looking for a monitor with at least 144hz and a tn or ips (preferably) but va is fine (i think) i have found some but idk if they're good? the Acer Nitro VG271P and the Acer KG271UA thanks
  9. _Elon_

    How good is the MSI MAG271C?

    i have never seen this (the monitor) when lookin for monitors under $500 but it has some things other monitors dont (headphone hanger, curved display), why dont i see it more recommended? Is there something bad with it?. Thanks
  10. _Elon_

    Is this a good PC for AUD$480?

    I was thinking to get a used case But the 2200g is an apu It can get 100+ frames on some games at 720p low settings. Emulator? Nah New games? Yah
  11. _Elon_

    Is this a good PC for AUD$480?

    I gpu is out of my budget, and people keep on recommending the r3 2200g. It is REALLY difficult to find a new PC for AUD$500 (including shipping) with a dedicated graphics card.
  12. I updated it and changed it to 2666mhz (I think) Check my recent post (if you want to) to see the PC rn
  13. Is this a good PC for AUD$480? https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/DrPotatoe/saved/#view=QmTvnQ
  14. So get the cheapest but highest mhz ram (that I can afford) then overclock?