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  1. My first post here, hello everyone Just needed to react on this vid: ...since I have just converted a 1HU server to watercooling. The requirements were a bit different, I needed a solution to run this thing at home without getting ear damage. I had a huge MO-RA radiator laying around for years and now it's in use again 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670v3 (12-Core, 2.30-3.10GHz, 68GB/s, 120W) 64GB DDR3 2133 MHz ECC Memory Reg. (4x16GB) Z10PA-D8 mainboard https://www.asus.com/de/Commercial-Servers-Workstations/Z10PAD8/ Some custom stainless steel parts (tank, front cover) Fittings from alphacool Eheim 1048 pump CPU coolers from EKWB The fan bay contains three 120mm fans at the bottom and there is a hole in the server cover, so they suck the air from inside and push it through the radiator. Ran it under full load for an hour and getting 36°C max (contains 2.5 liters of fluid ) Would be interessted to hear if you would have done it with parallel loops for the two CPUs (according to the fittings in use you can see that I have thought about it). Cheers!