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  1. Since I have had my pc I have had a anti aliasing bug where no matter what setting anti aliasing high or low my gmae objects have jagged white lines, I have a gtx 1060 3gb and before that a 1050. Need a fix.
  2. 13TH AIR ASSAULT REGIMENT 13TH AIR ASSAULT REGIMENT The 13th Air Assault Regiment is a British based milsim unit that mainly operates via aircraft insertion and provides close air support/reconnaissance. The 13th Air Assault Regiment was established on the 13th of March 2019, 13thAAR is based in Taksitan but will also be moving to other islands/countries to provide logistical support. The unit has an alliance with 1st Force Recon unit, together we can achieve anything. -----------------------------------------------------------------Training------------------------------------------------------------ Training will start of with you learning the types of gear we will be working with, weapons, medical equipment etc.. We will then move onto operating a rifle (mainly the m4) in different scenarios. After learning to operate a rifle, the next training will be operating grenades, this is with ace and with ace shrapnel is a big thing hence why we need to teach you the correct procedures. Now onto the formations, formations are a key tactic in the battlefield so that the squad or platoon has an advantage in different scenarios. ------------------------------------------------------------------Ranks------------------------------------------------------------- (highest rank at bottom) Cadet Lance Corporal Corporal Colour Sergeant/Drill sergeant 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain -----------------------------------------------------------------Teamspeak------------------------------------------------------ (www.teamspeak.com) -------------------------------------------------------------------Discord---------------------------------------------------------- https://discord.gg/RFUqqCg (www.discorda.com)