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    Ryzen 7 3700x @4.3ghz
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    Aus rog strix x570-E
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    32gb 3600mhz 16cl rgb
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    Asus rog strix 5700xt +50 core + 50 memery +10 power
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    250gb Samsung ssd 400/400mb/s, and 1tb Toshiba hdd 5400rpm
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    Thermaltake 750w grand rgb
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    Asus 144hz fhd and aoc 60hz, oc 75hz fhd
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    Cooler master ml360rgb 360mm aio
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    Corsair k55 rgb
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    Asus Rog gladius II origin
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    Hyperx cloud alpha
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    Windows 10 home 64bit
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    Asus vivobook 15
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  1. Looks goood exept i have mixed opinion about the i7 9700k. It has 8c/8t meaning that it has no hyper threading and for more than games at this moment it will not do as good. (workload, rendering and new modern games in cpuole years (not now) the thread count will make your games stutter(it happened with i5 9400f which has only 6c/6t, matter od time when it happen to that cpu)) Ryzen 7 3700x for example which has 8c/16t. In gaming results are very similar but in workload ryzen will slap that cpu out. Still nothing wrong with going that cpu. Consider Ryzen Even 400W psu would run the 2080ti so you fine with that. Corsair rmx 850w/750w is better than the Evga one. The stock cooler of ryzen is enough, but for intel the 212 black edition is good enough if you do not try to overclock. If you will overclock get atleast Bequiet dark rock 4
  2. Simplu, your processor is trying to reach its turbo. That my video about tweaking your processor with Ryzen master. Set your voltage at 1.325-1.34V max. Then you can make profile for idle. My silent profile for idle and youtube is, clokc speed locked at 3ghz and voltage 1.33. It makes less noice and heat
  3. Silverstone pf120 ARGB or corsair hydro 75 if want no rgb
  4. Single fan aio is worse than good air cooler. Bequiet dark rock pro is one of the best aircoolers, and its 90 euros. If you want rgb you could go with Cooler Master MasterAir MA620P
  5. The gigabyte b450 m is good enough for the ryzen 3600. Though MSI has some b450 boards that have "Max" in its name. That means it support thired gen ryzen without bios update. The ryzen 3600 is far better is multitaskin and workload etc than 9400f. Tho 9400f can have a little better gaming results in some games, but is some modern games it lags since it only has 6threads. So 16gb of ram is enough, 32gb not worth it. It can be handy to get 32gb if hardcore renderer or 3d modeller but otherwise not worth the money. 16gb of 3600mhz cl26 ram is the sweet spot. Like trident z neo or g.skill rippjaws would be good. RTX 2060 super is a good choice, but keep in mind 5700XT is better and if its at the same price (red devil or sapphire nitro) then it is worth it.
  6. Its the ram. Buy another 8gb for dual channel. I think that your gpu is loaded with that 100% and your cpu 20%
  7. 5700 XT is far better than 5500 XT. 5500 XT is like 5-15% worse than 1650 super, its not really worth it, for the future with 8gb vram, yeah sure but still not worth it. Save for 5700
  8. the cl15 3000. They are prettu much the same performance. You could OC the cl 15 3000mhz ram to 3466 cl16 or better if lucky
  9. 1440p medium 100fps? On COD probably. Pubg no, because its so poorly optimized. Assasins probably might need to go low-medium. Batttlefiel V/I probably yes
  10. Why, its pretty good cooler. If it performs poorly check your airflow first. I have the 360mm one for my r7 3700x. Its pretty good, but you have to go bios to alter fan speed fml. And the cable and connectors are a big mess. But otherwise pretty good. You can alter this via bios. MY fans are running at 20% unless my cpu is runnnin more than 70 degrees. You can not hear the fans or the pump unless the speed is over 40% and then your other components have to be silent for you to hear your cpu pump and fans. You can mount the cooler at the top
  11. NVM juts checked, i have like 100 of them running
  12. Could be a bug. I have only one running. You might turn noficationf off in your AV
  13. If you do not download r open any sketchy email or softwares you are fine. But windows defender is not the best one. I have malwarebytes, its free and its pretty good.