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  1. Depends on what you're going to use them for... I've never seen much for reviews on samsung gaming monitors. Personally I think their QLED for TV's are a joke, most quality OLED's will put the QLED to shame. Also what's your hardware and what are you going to do with it. You might not necessarily need high refresh depending on your use.
  2. I thought somewhere along the line they dropped either the original, or the Ti to make room for the Super? In any case you have to ask yourself if the extra cost is worth the minor performance gain you'd get. Also for CPU wait until intels next gen comes out I'm sure there will be some big price cuts so they don't lose even more market share to team red.
  3. You mean Super and not Ti right? The Super class I'm pretty sure replaced the Ti, and some of the 2080 Supers out there aren't $500 more
  4. They must not have had that veloicfire one when I looked a few months ago. Or it was just super expensive... It'd be nice to actually test one of these out but I doubt anywhere carriers them in store.
  5. Anyone know of a great full sized wireless mech keyboard? I'm a programmer and use my numpad religiously when working on our companies accounting items. Looking to use it in my home office to tidy up my desk and lose some cables. I have a 2nd computer in my office that I game on that uses wired peripherals, just looking to make my office desk nice and clean. I've looked at logitech but not totally happy with the romer-g in their wireless multi device keyboard. My gaming keyboard uses Mx Browns.
  6. look on the back of the TV it should have the model number on the sticker. I find it hard to believe that you got 1440P to work and look ok on a 1080P monitor/TV.
  7. What monitor are you using?
  8. I dont think they're specific to the phone, you could probably use the s8 wireless charger just fine, I'm not sure how many watts it can do. Some of the low quality ones only do 5 watts, where the newer ones are a little more than double that now. So really the only difference would be how much they output (reducing charging time for more watts). You're actually probably better off getting a non-samsung branded Qi certified charger. I'm sure the samsung ones cost a hell of a lot more.
  9. If you're really not into the Shield TV I really like the look of the silverstone HTPC cases. But with everything moving to streaming platforms it's really much easier to just use android devices.
  10. Get a nVidia Shield TV... they're refreshing the product later this year and the shield is one of the best android tv devices... I have a HTPC and am planning on ditching it for the shield tv once the new version comes out. To note the new version has the same hardware as it's a beast... should even handle 4k too... The benefits of using this is the power consumption is a lot lower and heat output would also be lower, it's also very cost effective at $199. Also the newer version of the shield tv will be smaller so it can probably fit wherever pretty easily.
  11. this fan appears to work on 12v and gets 250 CFM, at a loud 66.5db's so it's a bit louder, and probably sounds just as scary. Just keep your fingers away from it when it's spinning... https://www.newegg.com/p/1YF-00B0-001H9
  12. except it requires a 48 volt connection, and won't even run on standard 12 volt power.
  13. when windows crashes it creates DUMP files which looks like this is maybe what it is. It's probably nothing to be worried about, you can remove those files as windows doesn't use them for anything. From command prompt you can run chkdsk to check the disk for errors... it'll let you know if there are errors on the disk. If it finds errors you can add a "/f" after it to have it fix any errors. -- runs chkdsk on F Drive chkdsk :F -- runs chkdsk and fixes any errors on F Drive chkdsk :F /f
  14. Do you use iCUE? I think you can setup curves in there too...
  15. SpeedFan works just fine for that... You pick the sensor you want to monitor then set the fan's speed based on temp.