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  1. I have a nice chair and it doesn't equate to less back pain. It all has to deal with how the rest of your system is setup. My monitors stands were only 4" from the bottom of the monitor when they were fully extended. Sitting in my chair at the appropriate height I was always looking down at my monitors which contributed to some neck and upper back pain. Recently purchased a few wall mounts for my monitors and raised them up to just about eye level and some of my pain went away. The chair I have is the Steelcase Leap, it's very expensive, but since I work at home my employer allowed me to bring it home from work. It has a very odd feeling contour at first but that odd feeling went away the more I sat in the chair. I've been using this chair now for 5 years and it's held up great to 45+ hours a week of use plus any other time I spent gaming.
  2. Synergy works great... I used it probably 10 years ago when i had a laptop and desktop for school. Are you seriously questioning one of Linus's recommendations. I had PIA a year before they switched to PIA. When I found out they switched to the VPN I was already using I was pretty excited, thinking to myself I found something great before Linus started recommending it.
  3. Vandey

    Looking for a new mouse, suggestions?

    you realize you can do macros on any keys on the keyboard right? The G keys are just specifically for macros... Also since you just want to mouse to fit well in the hand I really think you should at least look at the new Mx518. I loved my old one, haven't really seen the new one. Otherwise my Corsair Sabre RGB is pretty nice too. Went with corsair to match my keyboard and only needing one set of software for it instead of needing to run 5 different pieces of software for all my peripherals.
  4. Vandey

    Looking for a new mouse, suggestions?

    I feel like a mouse can be such a preference based on each user. One mouse that one person likes may not be the best option for all other users. I really liked the old school intelimouse 2 from years ago. After that I went to the Logitech Mx518 which I loved, then they stopped making that mouse and I had a hard time finding one that fit my hand the way the Mx518 did. Finally I decided on the Corsair Sabre as it had a very close feel to the Mx518. Since then I've learned that in the last few months they were reviving the old Mx518 design. A good question for you is how many buttons do you want on it, and more importantly where do you want the buttons placed on the mouse. The mice i like have the forward back buttons right by the thumb, not all mice have them placed in the same spot. I like them there as I use them when gaming and feel it makes a difference having them in a specific spot. As far as keyboard K95 Platinum I haven't ever had issues with mine... $400 is a lot to spend on a mouse and keyboard... maybe if you feel like your switches are starting to go bad go for a fully modular keyboard so if your switches start to feel like they're going bad you can just replace the single switch. (Also with a fully modular keyboard you can put better switches in the more frequently used keys). As far as button spamming goes use macros my friend.... https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-mice/mx518-gaming-mouse.html
  5. Vandey

    Looking for ergonomic keypad

    honestly i think just the name...
  6. Vandey

    Looking for ergonomic keypad

    Get the razer orbweaver chroma... it's mech
  7. Vandey

    Recommend me a wireless mech keyboard

    Because I want my home office to look great and not have any cords. If it was my gaming machine I wouldn't have wireless, which is why I have the K95 Platinum. I'm also not really looking to spend much over $100. So I'll probably end up having to go with the G613 or that Velocifire just not sure how quality a $60 mech keyboard can be. Also the reason why I chose to go with the logitech M600 mouse. It's more for the looks, it's a pretty sleek looking mouse.
  8. Vandey

    Recommend me a wireless mech keyboard

    Those aren't wireless
  9. Vandey

    Recommend me a wireless mech keyboard

    Unfortunately I would like the K63, but want it to have a numpad. I use my numpad all the time in my development as I am working closely with our financial team working on new software for them. This is why I was looking at the Velocifire, or G613. Just curious who has these boards and what they have to say about them. I dont want to spend a bunch of money on a new keyboard and end up hating it.
  10. I'm a programmer that works from home and I'm looking for a new wireless mechanical keyboard with the numpad. The keyboard I currently use is from my very first PC that I bought almost 15 years ago. It's an old Dell DK-8135, i switch it out of my main gaming PC a few years ago for a K95 platinum. I miss the feel of the K95 when I'm working and don't really want to swap USB and put extra wear on my expensive Corsair keyboard. I dont need something that has all the bells and whistles but want something that feel a lot better than this old thing I'm using now. I was leaning towards the Logitech G613 as I already have a logitech mouse. When searching online I found a brand I've never heard of the Velocifire VM02WS which seems to fit most of the criteria as well and is relatively cheap. Any other suggestions to look at?