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  1. I've been an IT manager of a small office of about 20 empliyees for over 25 years and also I own a small business which is an IT services company which I'm the only employee. My advice is outsource the website you describe but find a company that will let you be involved in the process with the design and a company that has techs that will show you how they are building your website. As a sole IT manager it's not your job to be an expert at any one thing (because you won't have enough time) but it's your job to overall manage IT for your office and get expert help when needed. What I mean by that is you need to decide what things to outsource and what to do yourself. Don't try to take it all on by yourself as that will 100% lead to stress and failure for you and your company. For example when your first starting out in IT management focus on the service your employees need day to day such as workstations, printers, software, etc and grow your skills as you assist your office. Make your employees happy and they will be happy with you. Another example If you are managing Microsoft server(s) and you don't have server experience then ask your boss to pay for some microsoft tech support package where you can call and get assistance over the phone when needed and ask your boss to pay for classes you might need to get better. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to know who to contact for help when the task at hand is above your knowledge as you will learn and save time and will be successful. Best wishes in your new IT management career which will be challenging and rewarding. Cheers!
  2. IMO Quality tools like ifixit are worth the premium price as they should save you time and frustration. I learned this very quickly when I was a teenager working on cars, computers, house projects, etc with inexpensive crappy tools that broke, stripped nuts and bolts and generally made for frustration and wasting time. It's better to buy 4 quality tools that will last a lifetime and perform well than 16 crappy tools that break or dont fit right or frustrate you. Cheers!