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  1. So those two are out of the question, got it. So this hybrid should get me quieter/more efficent cooling than, lets say, EVGA's 3 fan RTX 2080 TI?
  2. Gaming and video editing, I'm going to have a 2160p 60hz monitor for youtube and a 1440p 144hz for SWOLE GAMING
  3. I'm putting together my first gaming desktop, so I don't want to deal with any custom watercooling in case I screw up. I'm using an i9900k with a Z390 AORUS Master motherboard so I figured a RTX 2080 ti would fit the bill nicely. I was going to get either the MSI 2080 Ti SEA HAWK EK X or the EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 ULTRA HYDRO COPPER. But I couldn't tell if these were simply plug and play or if I would have to connect them to a pre-established custom cooling loop, which again, I'm too lazy for lol. I'd like to know if they are self contained or if it would be easier to go with a different option. I'm okay with air cooling, but I thought water cooling would be... cooler. (kill me now) Also quieter is nice. My budget is about $1500 USD. Thanks in advance for any help!