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  1. is having no free sync/g sync bad you think? or is that stuff just pure marketing.
  2. Im searching for a new monitor. 1080p 144hz lowest response time and lowest input lag. butget is 200 to 250 euros. If an rly good option is avaible for 260 or mayby a bit more is good too. My story. I use very long time an 7 year old(er) monitor. Thats very bad specially some one how dreamss so hard to go mlg lvl. I use this monitor for a yeare now https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-e197fp-lcd-monitor-19-series/ here link btw. Im master overwatch player its not axeptible to is this for that. Rly thanks for your help♥!!! I my self tryd to search soo hard . The best option I find is AOC G2590FX. its like cheap as wel and as bonus this monitor has very small black side Im not speacilly searching for monitors like that but its always nice to have. But like monitors sellers say 1ms but thats probobly only GTG so its hard to know whats best for reaction time and they dont even say the input lag ad all and its hard to find wich input lag it is.