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    Dual E5-2680 / i5-4460 / i5-6200u
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Rack EP2C602-4L/D16 / don't remember /Xiaomi Laptop
  • RAM
    64 GB Reg. DDR3 ECC / 12 GB DDR3 / 8 GB sodimm DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 6GB & GTX 1050 / integrated / integrated + 940mx
  • Case
    Currently switching to Thermaltake core P3/ none ✌️ / Xiaomi Air 13
  • Storage
    5x3TB Seagate in JBOD w/ parity, 2x1TB in RAID0 & 2x256GB Samsung SSD raid0 / none currently DIY windows to go stick - soon pxe boot / Samsung p951 256gb
  • PSU
    Evga something ~ 750w / Thermaltake 650w / 65w USB-C Charger
  • Display(s)
    LG 2560x1080 & BenQ 1920x1080 + BenQ 1920x1080 for 2nd VM / internal 1920x1080
  • Cooling
    2x Hyper 212 evo / be quiet dark rock 2 ( I believe ) / internal
  • Keyboard
    Nothing special
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    Nothing special
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    Nothing special
  • Operating System
    Unraid w/ Windows VM and Docker but switching away due to missing features / Test System - swapping regularly / Win10 Pro in native boot mode
  1. Thank you for your effort and help. The bios update was really easy, just ran the .exe and done. I already tried an different charger but no luck there ( that was actually the first thing I tried ). I have done a complete reinstall of windows, still no luck, not sure whether Linux will bring me any further but creating a live stick won't take too long so I guess it's worth a shot. I didn't even think about making the Intel Management Engine responsible for this fault, but it could be the reason. I'm going to try that next. Thank you for that suggestion. If none of that helps I'm probably going to just sell it as defect ( broken battery charging circuit ) and buy a matebook d . If it does help i'm probably going to sell it as well, just for a bit more money Thanks for all the help.
  2. Hi, i'm quite new to this Forum but I'm gonna try to help you. My first guess would be bad RAM. Have you tried running Memtest86 ? Or (in case your system has 2 sticks of RAM) try again with one of them missing, to determine whether one of them is faulty. My next guess would be a GPU-Driver issue ( but that seems unlikely since you said you reinstalled the driver. Did you uninstall the old driver with DisplayDriverUninstaller ? ). My third guess ( I hope I'm wrong ) is hardware failure on the GPU. I have an ( now completely busted ) GTX 780 laying around, that had the same issue. In my case one of the Mosfets ( part of the power delivery for the GPU ) blew up. The GPU kept working because the other Mosfets split the additional load among them. Even when Gaming it worked for some time. But after ~20 minutes they got too hot, and then the game crashed due to graphics errors. At the time of the error the 780 was only worth ~120€ so I didn't bother trying to replace the Mosfets ( the blown one was clearly visible as faulty when the GPU was disassembled). A short-term fix for this issue (for me) was to underclock ( set a lower Powertarget) my GPU a bit so that it wouldn't consume as much power. But before you start thinking about wierd edge cases like that one maybe you could share some more details about what you tried ? When upgrading to windows 10, did you do a clean install or just upgrade? Is there any kind of error message when the game crashes (in my case windows stated that the GPU driver had stopped working temporarily)? Is this error happening in one or in all of you games ? Did you reinstall that game( sometimes even steam fix local files doesn't help ) ? Is there anything else you can tell us ? I hope this can help you, if I forgot something important, I hope that someone else will correct / add that in the following comments
  3. First of all, thank you for your suggestions. I tried cleaning it some more, but no luck there. Then i had the idea to stress test the laptop, in order to get an high power draw. If the connector is the Problem, then on high usage i should see the charging speed plummeting or even discharge of the battery. But non of that happened. I maxed out CPU & GPU, the Power draw according to HWMonitor was around 50W, but the laptop kept charging at the same rate of ca. 10W (i was at ~65% Batterylife). My last resort would be to Update the BIOS, im on A06 and i found an A09 version on this http://bbs.xiaomi.cn/t-37742666 Chinese site. How do i Update the bios ? DOS-USB-Stick (and whats the best way to make one) and then run the .exe included in the .zip ? or simply run it in Windows ? If that doesn't work as well i guess its an Charging-Hardware/Battery issue, so only an expert can help and that proabatly wont be worth it, the laptop was 550$ new and is 2 years old.
  4. The Charging Port is now clean (as far as i can tell), but the issue persists. I'm going to try to clean it further later today. The port is a USB type C charging port. Even different chargers dont change anything. Additionaly i got the laptop back up to 68% charge and now its charging with ~10W consistently. The fact that the laptop charges at semi decent speeds over a longer period of time when it's beyond ~65 % indicates ( for me ) that the issue is related to the actual battery charge level. Therefore the component causing the issue must be one that behaves differently depending on charge. To my knowledge the connector and the charging circuit do the same thing no matter what charge the laptop has, so it must be the battery / battery protection circuit or software , right ? (Not sure whether any of that is correct but that's what I guess) I'm hoping that it's just some dirt in the connector that I haven't found yet. Thank you for bringing that up, I really forgot about the possibility of it being the connector. In case there isn't anything else obstructing the connector, what should be my next steps ? Could corrosion be an issue as well ? ( If so how am I going to test it?) Or how am I going to narrow down the amount of remaining possibilities / fix the issue all together?
  5. Small Addition: while writing this the Laptop charged with around 12W (still a little low but fine for me) consistently. Its now at 95%, no Fans spinning, Laptop quite warm but still in tolerance. This happened as well after i unplugged the battery for recallibration, but on the next Battery cycle the issue reappeared. Additionaly i want to point out that the battery (to my testing) still holds charge, when i get it to from 30% to 50% overnight, discharge goes as expected from fully functioning laptop. Edit: Error definetly reappeared when i started charging from 50% again (+ I'm sorry for english mistakes - its not my main language✌).
  6. Hi, my Laptop (Xiaomi Air 13 - 2016) stopped charging the way its supposed to. I just don't know whether this is a failing Battery, some kind of failure in the Charging circuit or something Software. First a better description of my Situation: As soon as i plug in the Adapter it starts charging with around 15 W ( according to BatteryInfoView), which is fine i guess. but over time the charging speed drops to around 115 mW. Reinserting the Charger cable seems to fix this issue temorarily, as the charging Speed jumps back up to 15W, but then it repeats itself. I monitored the Charging rate using BatteryInfoView and made a Diagramm: This chart depicts Charge from 52.2% to 61,9% over a timespan of 1:50h (x-Axis scaled wrong, 1 unit = 5s). I tested this with two different Chargers. No difference. I tried reinstalling drivers (as some sites suggest) and i tried recalibrating the Battery (i let it drain completely, unplugged it, rebooted without battery, and then plugged it back in.) Does anybody have an idea what i should try next / where the fault lies ? I don't want to buy a new battery, just to find out that the battery was fine (exept for the 68.2% wear level) . If it's an battery related issue replacing it should resolve this issue. How about the charging circuit? Would a small soldering job (e.g. swapping a resistor) be sufficient? and if so which one would it be? This is my first time Posting and i hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance Specs: Xiaomi Air 13 CPU: i5-6200U (+Intel HD 520) RAM: 8GB SSD: 250GB Samsung p951 (i think) GPU: Nvidia 940mx OS: Win10 Pro (but in a kind of wierd efi/usb boot config, due to experiments with syncing os between PC's - it's basicly a windows to go stick on the internal harddrive configured in native boot mode (i hope this doesnt have anything to do with my problem as i want to test this further))