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  1. I know a few that have amazing support with a few hiccups (that they fixed amazingly) but they no one will have perfect support.
  2. I can get a repair on my phone for free till mid June. I just dont want to because last time it did not work and my service provider helped me out a bit
  3. i sold them a long time ago, but this isnt about the phone as much as the Samsung support
  4. old Samsung devices are great, new ones are garbage. take the note 7 as an example. I loved my galaxy s4 and the galaxy s2
  5. Hi, I think i would let people here know about Samsung support. Keep in mind for the last month and a bit I have been seeing Samsung send out a bunch of galaxy s10 phones to people for free. And If i was Being paid minimum wage for the amount of time I have spent just dealing with Samsung support I would have exceed the buyout of my phone by a few hundreds dollars. So a bit of context, I had a galaxy s8 that I revived in may of 2017 and in February of 2018 I noticed I had burn in on my screen. I followed all the steps to get it repaired. I went to my service provider got my phone "fixed" and i thought I would be good for a year or till i get a new phone but I was wrong. 4 Months go by (so in June of 2018) and I notice I have Burn in on my screen again. At that point I was just out of the year warranty for the phone and a month out of the warranty for the repair. for that reason I called Samsung to see if they would do anything. To summarize what happened on the call was they were confused why the last repair had replaced part of the battery (this had to be done while replacing the screen on the phone) and basically told me I'm SOL (sh*t out of luck) because I'm not in the warranty anymore so if i want it fixed it would be out of my own pocket. So instead of risking an other bad repair i paid to upgrade to an S9+. Now a few weeks ago I noticed I had Burn in on my screen, knowing what to do I got the proof of purchase and went to the authorized Samsung repair place to get it fixed and all they would offer is a screen replacement. I declined because of my last experience of getting my phone fixed, which ended with me having to spend a few hundred dollars for that same issue. I then went home and phoned support which did get me anywhere so they transferred me to executive Customer relations, which got me no where also. all they did was give me an email and told me I was talking to the highest person I could Be talking to over the Phone and there is no one in the company I can speak to besides them. these two departments over the phone was the equivalent to reading a FaQ support page and just a wast of time (and generally a huge wast of money for Samsung if all they can say is we cant help you or company policy only lets you get a repair done). So I sent an email to the address I was given and the conversation between me and the ECR manager for Canada. Things To note Before Reading: The A Manager Of customer support spelled my name wrong in the first email and if you read the entire thing you will realize he never paid attention so my emails or what i was saying. This is a warning for most, do not pick a Samsung device, once purchased they do not care about you (at least that's what they have come off to me as) this email conversation is only one of the only bad support I have revived from Samsung . You also can not really avoid Samsung screens because they are used on most phones and devices.