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  1. once heated the product becomes less viscous...its thick because its in a bottle at room temperature and not even that...its always at store A/C temp. additionally, there are other types of the same product that are more liquid. besides, the episode Chilling Threadripper 2, Linus used Rain-X to chill a CPU...it contains among other things glycerine and glycol.
  2. right and as I understand, rocks like marble feel cool to the touch because it draws heat away from your hand even when hot outside...thinking about that and possible cutting a piece of it would be for a bit of science experiment as all tests like in sketchy heatsink. seeing their heatsinks in those episode cannot be as bad as doing something with LTM rocks.
  3. hi guys...just watched a sketchy heatsink episode and was thinking why not us a think slice of rock with a large thermal mass as a heatsink to see if it works. just wondering...thnx.
  4. When I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, I took some courses with the Marines Corps Communication-Electronics School (I was Air Force). During a course the instructor told us that KY jelly was invented by NASA to cool off their rockets, shuttles, etc... I cannot find any information to confirm that, but since I've seen you guys build mineral oil and liquid rigs why not test KY jelly and see if it works!