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    Help picking out 450-550w psu

    Thanks for the detailed response. I narrowed it down to Formula Gold 450w and Pure Power 11 500w, basically the same price but Pure Power 11 has a 3yr warranty vs 5yr on Formula. Should I go for longer warranty or more wattage for future upgradeability? I plan on running r5 2600 on 4.0/4.1ghz if possible, probably gonna oc the 1060 aswell, tho I mostly play cpu intensive games. Probably upgrading to 1070ti/2060 once/if needed.
  2. fnkmstr

    Help picking out 450-550w psu

    Would this be considered a good buy compared to CX or Pure Power 10/11? Bitfenix Formula Gold 450w - 65€
  3. fnkmstr

    Help picking out 450-550w psu

    Both Pure Power 10 and 11 400w are around 56€. But 400w sounds like its cutting it too close. Some of those PSU calculators are suggesting around 380w load wattage
  4. I'm building a ryzen 5 2600, gtx 1060 system, plan on overclocking a bit. Turns out picking out a psu is a complicated issue. Not sure if I should go 450 or 550w. I'm in Europe and I picked out a couple units that are available to me and are considered good or not so good: Fsp hexa 85+ 550w - 57€ Seasonic s12 520w - 60€ Coolermaster masterwatt 550w - 70€ Corsair cx550 / cx550m - 70€ / 73€ Be quiet pure-power 10 500w cm - 76€ Cougar gaming gxf 550w - 76€ Bitfenix formula 550w - 80€ Coolermaster masterwatt 450w - 58€ Corsair cx450 / cx450m - 60€ / 66€ Super flower platinum king 450w - 73€ Seasonic focus gold 450w - 80€ What would be considered best value for the money?