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  1. i have DNS installend on my windows server 2016 machine. i tired to add a conditional forwarder but i failed. these are the setps i took: i right clicked to add a new one in DNS domain name i put "bilgeadam.com" and in the boxlist under it i put "ns1.bilgeadamdns.com" (i got this info from whois.domaintools.com) when i press enter i get e red X on left of it and under validating it says "no ipv4 address was found for the dns name entered" can someone help me with this problem
  2. SinanFantie

    DHCP & VPN

    i have used to telnet command and i couldnt connect, this is what i got: connecting to . .could not open connection to the host, on port 23: connect failed actually i dont know much about RRAS. our teacher is teaching it us this way. at first the windows server 2016 machine that is our RRAS router was just a normal V machine. later on we turned it to our router when. BTW Thank you for your time
  3. SinanFantie

    DHCP & VPN

    the only reason i have added a vpn is to learn. i know i dont need it. and i have checked mt TCP SMB on the firewall on all my devices and they are all on and allowing connection. (inbound & outbound both with the correct settings)
  4. SinanFantie

    DHCP & VPN

    because that is how i want my network to be. i am learning and expanding my network at the same time
  5. SinanFantie

    DHCP & VPN

    at first we did not had a DHCP server and no VPN installed. i could not share files. example: PC X could open and read shared files from PC Y but PC Y could not open the shared files from PC X when i used the ping command on both machined it work in both ways. some time later i did not mind that i could not use the share functionality from both ways. so i gave up and let it be. after all of this i included a VPN
  6. SinanFantie

    DHCP & VPN

    so i mademade a simple (virtual) network with hyper-v. i made 3 new virtual machines, 2 with windows server 2016 and 1 with windows 10. all of this can be seen in the pictured i have add. the first machine we configured was one of the server 2016 machines and we made it our router. the second machine is our DHCP server and the windows 10 machine is just a normal client pc. (all the setting im going to talk about from here on out are are things i think i did the right way) i have all the correct firewall settings and ip addresses on all 4 machines (including my main host pc) to be able to ping and shares files with each other and i have the rights users settings. all machines can ping each other. my host machine can reach the files on my v-windows 10 but my v-windows 10 cant access my host machine. this is one of my problems. the second problem: i made a VPN in my windows server 2016 RRAS machine with routing and remote access. the ip address scope of the vpn is to when i try to connect to the vpn with my host machine to connect to the network it does not work. can anybody help me with these 2 problems