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  1. Last weekend i won a 500 GB portable SSD from Samsung. I did some little research but I am still not sure about the performance I should expect from this device. Do any of you have experience with this portable SSD? Should I sell it and buy another portable SSD with the money? What are your opinions? https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/portable-solid-state-drives/portable-ssd-t5-500gb-mu-pa500b-am/ Thank you for taking the time so answer my questions
  2. is it possible for a Machine that uses Ubuntu as its OS to join a Windows Active Directory Domain? If so how will I be able to that? I am working in a VM environment (VMWare Workstation 15x) The Ubuntu OS version I am using is 18.04.3 The Windows OS that has the Active Directory is Windows Server 2016 P.S. I am new with Linux
  3. I want to prepare a word document that tells about the simple, well-known to most IT people, best practices for Hyper-V cluster, DNS, DHCP, WSUS and Active Directory. I already did some research but most of the information is or outdated or not simple to understand. I would appreciate the help. In the meantime, I will keep on researching
  4. i would love a video about vlan. maybe a long video or a fast as possible video.
  5. I have not mentioned it before but I already have a case and PSU from Corsair. The PSU came with the case. Thank you all for the recommendations but I don't prefer to use AMD. @fasauceome I'm do not plan to buy an NVME just for gaming. I want my pc to be fast overall. I also have considered buying used parts. I do not have a big budget but I think that you guys can guess how much of a budget I have by the parts I have in my mind.
  6. When I try to install Windows 10 on a clean PC I get this error code 0xe06d7363 I have a WDS server that deploys the image. I have included the unattended files I use in my WDS server. Can anybody help with these XML files before and they worked. This time I am deploying the Windows from a new WDS server and since then I am getting these problems. My DHCP and WDS are on the same machine so my port 60 settings are working. Can someone help me with this error autounattend-uefi-64en - PE.xml autounattend-uefi-64en - Installation.xml
  7. try dark souls for achievement hunting. it is hard but super satisfying i myself pushed my limits and got 100% on steam
  8. So i am planning to build a new gaming pc that can hold up for a couple of years. i do not plan to make a high end pc because i do not care about fancy graphics. im fine with medium graphics settings. so these are the parts i have in mind CPU: Intel-i5 7600 (maybe 8600) MB: Asus Z170-K (i already have this one at hand. got it a few years ago but never used it) RAM: Corsair vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2400 mhz (im planning to buy the second 8gb ram later) GPU: GTX 1060 6GB (i prefer that the brand of the GPU is the same as the MB ii will use) NMVE: Samsung 960 evo (maybe 960 pro OR 970 evo) SSD: Samsung 860 evo so by looking at the hardware i plan to buy. how long will this pc last in terms of being able to play triple A titles
  9. i have DNS installend on my windows server 2016 machine. i tired to add a conditional forwarder but i failed. these are the setps i took: i right clicked to add a new one in DNS domain name i put "bilgeadam.com" and in the boxlist under it i put "ns1.bilgeadamdns.com" (i got this info from whois.domaintools.com) when i press enter i get e red X on left of it and under validating it says "no ipv4 address was found for the dns name entered" can someone help me with this problem
  10. i have used to telnet command and i couldnt connect, this is what i got: connecting to . .could not open connection to the host, on port 23: connect failed actually i dont know much about RRAS. our teacher is teaching it us this way. at first the windows server 2016 machine that is our RRAS router was just a normal V machine. later on we turned it to our router when. BTW Thank you for your time
  11. the only reason i have added a vpn is to learn. i know i dont need it. and i have checked mt TCP SMB on the firewall on all my devices and they are all on and allowing connection. (inbound & outbound both with the correct settings)
  12. because that is how i want my network to be. i am learning and expanding my network at the same time
  13. at first we did not had a DHCP server and no VPN installed. i could not share files. example: PC X could open and read shared files from PC Y but PC Y could not open the shared files from PC X when i used the ping command on both machined it work in both ways. some time later i did not mind that i could not use the share functionality from both ways. so i gave up and let it be. after all of this i included a VPN