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  1. I was at rank 101 on day 11 and 12, was hoping I could increase just one rank to make it into the top 100, but got pushed down one place to 102 by these cloud computers jumping on google compute for the last few days of the event. Still... 102nd out of 8k+ broke 25 million total points (2m from the day before the event, 23m during the event) I made it onto LTT's team summary stats page. Silver Folding Badge! [EDIT] All that with just 2 GPUs, an RTX 2080 and a GTX 970. I'm pretty happy with that. I folded 10-15 years ago and got 100k points from 215 WUs (old account), but the difference with modern GPUs is phenomenal! It's been fun. I will continue to fold for the team, but I will have to back off from doing it 24/7.
  2. I'm curious, will you do all that manually, or have you got scripts to process the flat file?
  3. You can manage fah clients on other computers with it? I have FAHControl running on both computers but just use TeamViewer to manage remotely.
  4. That probably would have been easier than logging into my two computers with teamviewer at regular intervals
  5. Nice. Do you run stock or do any overclocking or anything? I wouldn't expect much of a difference in performance from a better cooler but would consider a cooler upgrade at some point for lower temps/noise. I'm not just in it for a number, as mentioned I would have left the 3700X running but didn't feel comfortable with the amount of heat/noise for 24/7 use. Noise especially, it vibrates through the whole house!
  6. Do you think the 3700X is worth folding on? I have a 3700x but the points compared to an RTX 2080 just didn't seem worth it. Especially with the stock fan sounding like a jet engine! I'd let it run even if the points are not great but the heat and noise put me off.
  7. I know, I'm saying the date that was posted (April 10th 23:59) is 38 hours from now, so it must be a mistake if the event is 14 days. I'm saying the original post must be wrong, not what you've just stated.
  8. Yeah, "Ends April, 10th (23:59 BST)" is definitely 38 hours from now, so maybe a mistake on the original post. Have day 13 stats been posted? Since it sounds like the stats have been recorded.
  9. Check the logs, is it failing to send the results? That can happen sometimes with some servers. I had one WU that wouldn't send for 4 days! I got another WU which was destined for the same server and that got stuck too, so I had 2 failing to send, but then they both made it to the server. There's not much you can do but wait. Pausing and resuming folding can make the client try again sooner, but that didn't help for me.
  10. Ends April, 10th (23:59 BST) Doesn't that mean it will end at the end of tomorrow, 38.5 hours from now, not 15 hours from the time of your post? 14.5 hours from now is April 9th 23:59 or April 10th 00:00.
  11. It might be worth checking that the folding@home client isn't getting blocked by your firewall. It probably doesn't affect most people but when I first set up I was able to download a work unit but I wasn't able to send the result because windows firewall was blocking it. Check the client is able to send/receive in firewall settings.
  12. When I first installed, I set it to idle to see how it would work. I wasn't doing anything on the computer but it seemed like F@H wasn't going to kick in, so I just unchecked idle. I've left it off since. I haven't used my pc much while folding but haven't had any issues when I have used it for light stuff. If I want to play games etc I'll just pause manually.
  13. Anyone else have work units getting sent after completion but they never get added to the stats? Sometimes it seems within a few minutes stats are updated to include latest work unit, other times I feel like units are missed even if client logs show they were sent. Right now I have 3 units that have not been included. I know stats may not update very frequently but I have a feeling these won't be counted. FYI: I used to fold years ago, I have an old account with 100k points from 215 work units. I started folding again 2 days ago with a new account and I'm already near 1 million points! The difference an rtx 2080 and a gtx 970 makes compared to CPUs from 10 years ago!
  14. Yeah, I'm just not sure how soon I'd be upgrading, could be in a few months, could be in 6 months, just don't really feel like it's urgent right now. But I'm sure sooner or later I'll get the urge to get a better CPU and a mobo with more modern features If I haven't figured out a solution by the time I eventually upgrade CPU then I'd definitely build something with spare parts. Though I'm not sure if repurposed parts would be able to do HDR. That's actually a very interesting idea! I see it on amazon.co.uk for ~£180 which is pretty reasonable. I'll look into how convenient they are in terms of downloading movies to external storage, if I'd need to be transferring files from laptop to shield via USB HDD, converting video formats etc. On the laptop I just download and can play immediately, so if it's as convenient as that it might be a very decent option!