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  1. That's what I've been doing, but super annoying. I guess we can't have "everything" but I am so used to constantly adjusting with keyboard/mouse shortcuts it makes it annoying. Guess I'll have to move my headphone schiit stack closer.
  2. But - again. I disabled the overlay so it doesn't pop up. Same problem occurs.
  3. Oh - and I guess I didn't mention, it doesn't happen while just in Windows or any other app... Only while in a full screen game... If I'm in Windowed Mode, it doesn't happen either. Cheers.
  4. I would like to assume you are correct. I am using a huntsman elite... One thing I honestly haven't tried is a different keyboard. HOWEVER - I have taken it upon myself to install a script to disable the overlay of volume in Windows 10 assuming maybe it was the overlay breaking it... But - no dice, even with the overlay disabled, it still flickrs the screen and goes to HDR OFF / HDR ON / etc and again, it does not matter if it's a SDR or HDR game and, it does it. Perhaps I can try a differnet keyboard tonight just to rule that out, but I'm not very optimistic about that...
  5. Ok - I caved, I bought an HDR display. Quick background. Yes I've rebooted, reinstalled gfx drivers, tried turning off freesync, on freesync, changing hz, matching hz, disabling the overlay, etc etc, etc.... The problem is, ever since adding an HDR monitor, while in-game, if I adjust volume, the screen will flash black, show the overlay, once the overlay for the volume is gone, the screen flashes black again. What it is doing is actually turning HDR OFF and ON each time. Now - Windows 10 , it's running in HDR, it's enabled in color settings in windows, it's enabled in nvidia control panel, brah brah brah... Now - here's the kicker, it doesn't even matter if it's an HDR game or SDR game, adjusting the volume in game will make any game flash black, until the over lay shows, and then disappears and then flashes again. My buddy (has an HDR screen different brand / model, same problem) For anyone who cares, it's an lg-34GK950F-B, and paired with a 2080ti,... After hours of google-foo I can't find similar issues, only relating to a "logitech keyboard problem" but I'm not using a logitech keyboard. Does anyone else have this problem? Sure, if I don't adjust volume it's fine and HDR works great when it's supposed to, and stays off when it's supposed to, but, I change my volume. A lot. If anyone has had a similar expierience it would be much appreciated. A video would probably be beneficial so maybe I'll try to post something up tonight. Cheers