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  1. Hey, so the deal is that Im currently using gtx 760 and Im not happy about it, newer games just makes me put the graphics on the lowest possible, the pc im using has I5 6600(when i bought it back in the days didn't notice it wasnt overclockable, so dont judge me please), 8gb of ram, 500w psu and as i mentioned before GTX 760, So I want to upgrade the gpu thinking of getting a RTX 2070. Im going to use 1monitor, maybe 2 in the future, I live in the UK, my budget is 400-600(the less the better). I need you help guys help me decide what graphics card to get is the RTX 2070 worth it, will my cpu handle it, will i need a new psu?
  2. But my ram hz is lower than I can find on the internet and its also dual channel 2x4gb, so what should I do? And yeah its the most expensive gtx 2060 cause its asus strix and as I know asus makes the best gpus i might me mistaken tho
  3. Thinking of getting these then, but seems a lil bit expensive, hmm.
  4. yeah the psu is old, from my i3 3rd gen, 550ti, 4gb ram build, thats why I think maybe I need a new one.
  5. Im also looking at ebuyer.com or overclocksers.co.uk websites if that helps. cause at amazon everything looks more expensive
  6. Didnt like the reviews about 1660 one, so I should go for RTX 2060 and for that extra cash add some ram? I was also thinking of a used 1080ti from ebay but sounds risky for me.
  7. Thanks for ur opinion and for attaching ur thread, heard that vega 64 performs simillar to GTX 2070, dont know actualy im more nvidia guy, been searching about graphics cards for 3days now, cant decide cause of various oppinions