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  1. However, with True-Fi, it boosts the mids/highs slightly, in turn isn't dark. Planar's seem to handle EQ very well.
  2. Audeze LCD-X's w/ True-Fi EQ preset is where it's at ?
  3. What's your budget, also do they need to be powered or can you get passive speakers?
  4. Why not go ultra wide? Also what's your price range
  5. If you want to buy an AIO I bet it's not going to be as good as stand alone units. Do you really need something to mix the sound and voice together , also a mic input? What headphones do you have? Sensitivity w/ the impedance of a headphone will tell you how much power is required to hit X SPL I'm willing to bet that this mixamp is garbage, however this is my opinion. https://www.astrogaming.ca/mixamps/MIXAMP-TR.html?dwvar_MIXAMP-TR_color=Black#start=1
  6. Anything that doesn't assosiate with a company that makes gaming products. Possibly one that makes headphones.
  7. If you want something that's real, Audeze LCD's. I went from Astro A40's to AKG K712s to my LCD-X's. The only way to get bass IMO is Planar>Dynamic.
  8. I’ve had ASTRO in the past, but I’ve moved out of the ‘gaming gimmicks’ and just buy a nice headphone with a mod mic etc.
  9. I love my Lyr 3 with my Audeze LCD-X’s.
  10. Yeah, no. OP- Try looking at True-Fi depending on your headphones you have. They have a free trial aswell. The only downside is you can't change the preset other than how much bass is boosted.
  11. Personally I would look at powered bookshelves or passive from companies like JBL, SVS, Emotiva etc. Since you’re going to have to send power to each one anyways, I would say search for passive with a receiver or Dac/amp as separate.
  12. I got SVS ultra bookshelves, not sure what the price difference would be over there. If you’re able to buy directly from SVS you get a 60 day return if you don’t like them.