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  1. I need some help deciding on a server. Use: Nas (to replace a struggling readynas 204) to finally get a usable network mount to work on live. Nextcloud ( ~6 users up to 18 sync clients) Database server to handle other applications Plex server Development environment Web scraping (continuously checking websites slowly, 1 request/sec or so) DNS sinkhole Ha proxy for next cloud and octoprint (running elsewhere on the network) This will probably be set up on a container system (docker). Will a single E5-2420 with 32 gig ram handle this? Or would a dual x5620 with 32 gig be more suitable? Which CPU grade/group of CPU should I be looking at? Do I need to look at spending significantly more? Hoping to spend less than £200. Edit: will also be running a steam cache server. And Plex will only be catering to 2 users and only rarely transcoding if at all.
  2. Tirpitz9

    Home server on a budget advice

    Usually no more than 2 concurrent users, usually no transcoding,