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  1. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to thicc_boi in What is a VRM doubler   
    Get a GPU with crappy VRM, ghetto the 16 phase on it and go break records on HWBot
  2. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to BigDamn in AMD Releases NEW Ryzen Embedded CPUs today. "3X performance per watt..."   
    dammit fuck. i thought we were getting some Ryzen 3000 news. oh well maybe one day...
  3. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to jstudrawa in AMD Releases NEW Ryzen Embedded CPUs today. "3X performance per watt..."   
    The clickbait is strong with this one
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    brunostejskal reacted to Simon771 in XSPC vs Alphacool vs EK vs Swiftech (quality)   
    Well if you check at financing reports of EKWB, you will notice that each year they multiplie profit by factor x2.
    2014 = 2M
    2015= 5M
    People are buying from EKWB because products have good quality.
    If you question quality of products, you just can't go wrong with EKWB.
  5. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Revan654 in Best Case for Quiet Water Cooling?   
    At that price your better off getting something from Case-Labs.
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    brunostejskal reacted to mariushm in Pascal, help with program   
    program Project1; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses SysUtils; var s:string; i:integer; l:integer; counter: integer; words: integer; c: char; begin write('Your text:'); readln(s); words := 0; counter := 0; l := length(s); if l<1 then begin writeln('Not enough characters in the text! Press ENTER to quit.'); readln; exit; end; for i := 1 to l do begin c := s[i]; { get character at offset i } if (c=' ') then begin {space character} if counter>0 then begin {was there at least a character not space before?} writeln('Adding word with ',counter,' characters.'); words := words + 1; { yes, increase word count, reset char counter} counter := 0; end; end; if (c<>' ') then begin { not a space, part of word} counter := counter+1; end; end; { end of for loop } { reached end of string, if there was more than 1 char not space, add word} { you could avoid this by adding a space character to end of string before the for loop, IF you know the string will always be less than 255 characters } if (counter>0) then begin writeln('Adding word with ',counter,' characters.'); words := words +1; end; writeln('Number of words: ',words); readln; end.  
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    brunostejskal reacted to Gareque in What was your first computer?   
    That is possibly the nerdiest, yet coolest, thing I've never thought of...
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    brunostejskal reacted to GoldenLag in What was your first computer?   
    well....... i dont remember what it was, but i can tell you that its CPU is on my keychain
  9. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Stormseeker9 in i7 6700k is it still good?   
    If you can wait a few months - look into getting yourself a zen 2 when it gets released. 
  10. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Bartholomew in i7 6700k is it still good?   
    I feel your pain; old 6700k here is ridicoulosly expensive in eu;
    Boxed 300 euro min, tray (withou a freaking box!) Is even 400 where i live which makes no sense so indication of some weird pricing. Second hand is maybe 25 less....
    Im at i5 6400;  and im waiting for nex gen zen on this one... amd prices are more on par with us where im at

  11. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Slottr in 2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?   
    Yes, I run a 1700 and have gone through a few different kits for tests like this
    In Adobe programs, in games and in stuff like large excel work I've had fairly significant performance differences between slower and faster running ram 
  12. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Slottr in 2133 MHz too slow for ryzen?   
    There's a fairly significant different between 2133 and 3000 on Ryzen
    But yeah dual channel is basically a requirement 
  13. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to Bitter in Calling all math-heads: How did i surpass infinity?   
    An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar...
    The first one orders a beer. The second one orders half a beer. The third one orders a fourth of a beer. The bartender stops them, pours two beers and says, "You're all a bunch of idiots."
  14. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to Radium_Angel in Pascal, help with program   
    If it does what you need it to do, then it's not obsolete.
    Several of our million dollar (plus) scientific instruments in our lab run programs written in Pascal.
    And god help me, we have one done in COBOL...
  15. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to NunoLava1998 in Good gaming computer for 240fps 1920x1080   
    wtf just go for a b450 tomahawk
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    brunostejskal reacted to Invisible tech Budjanovci in Pascal, help with program   
    I'm first year, in 2nd or 3rd we will start c++
  17. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to EpiCheeseTime in New to Custom Loop, being paranoid   
    YES! lol not at all.
    New build is this: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/cheezectv563/saved/Vw8D23
    Disregard the case, the WD 250gb SSD, one of the 2TB HDD, and the 2 ML120's.
    Those are for this old system in the case which I am gifting to a friend.
  18. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to WereCat in AMD FX series   
    From personal experience, you won't even get most of the GTX 1060 6GB in many games combined with that CPU at 1080p.
    Forget about RTX 2080. Upgrade your CPU and get something like GTX 1660ti or RTX 2060.
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    brunostejskal reacted to EpiCheeseTime in New to Custom Loop, being paranoid   
    Thanks! About to drop about 5k on this new set up. Hoping the fluid doesn't kill it 😪
  20. Like
    brunostejskal reacted to EpiCheeseTime in New to Custom Loop, being paranoid   
    So far have the blocks, pumps, tubing, and reservoirs from EK. Rads, fittings, and misc fittings from Primochill. Black rads with white or black fittings, or a mix, still up in the air.
    I will not do Thermaltake anything cooling other than fans. I intend to do a full loop of both cpu and current one gpu. I also have a drain port in mind as I've watched all of Jay's and LTT videos on it.
    I just want some more flash from the fluid side and the one fluid I had in mind, Vue, apparently sucks so trying to find alternative fluids that add flare haha.
    Thanks for all the help bruno!
  21. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Slottr in What PSU cables should I get?   
    Black is a universal perfect for anything, but the white cables are kinda unique
  22. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Semper in New to Custom Loop, being paranoid   
    I believe the recommended is once every year, but to be totally honest, I don't rightly know full stop for certain. I've never had an issue with anything i've ever used from Mayhems, though my go-to for tubing is Primoflex over Mayhems Flex. I've found Primoflex tube the clearest and remain so for the longest. I don't have experience with hardline/rigid yet.

    I do mine every six months (give or take, I don't keep absolute perfect track of it) because it's habit at this point.
  23. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to XR6 in Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?   
    No.. why would it be? Besides, the people who say "AMD IS FOR POOR PEOPLE" or "AMD SUCKS LOL" are usually salty Intel fanboys.
  24. Funny
    brunostejskal reacted to fasauceome in Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?   
    theft 8086k giveaway
  25. Agree
    brunostejskal reacted to Finwillwin in Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?   
    No, it isn't, I am (and know a lot of people who are) not impoverished and have an AMD CPU.