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  1. I wouldn't recommend this radiator. The EK SE are among the worst performers on the market. If it's available in your area, I'd recommend you to buy a hwlabs gts.
  2. The 7700K is pretty much a 6700K, no need to upgrade to it. A bad way to spend your money
  3. Yeah, but it´s obsolete and the vast majority of programmers don´t work in it. No need to teach it in high school.
  4. Yeah, they teach Pascal in schools here, too. Don´t know why they don´t teach the kids something like PHP.
  5. Wait, are you actually gonna watercool that FX 8370 ?
  6. Don´t be afraid if you take Mayhems, I had it a few times and it has never done anything. And flush your radiator with distilled water before assembling, that should help, too.
  7. Yeah, Mayhems is pretty much the best for fluids. I also agree with the primochill tubing, absolutely amazing. For blocks, you can´t go wrong with EKWB, but there are some other great brands, for example Watercool. Reservoirs are kind of the same at everyone, of course, some acrylic is bit better etc. etc. But mostly it does the job alright, again can´t go wrong with the popular brands. I personally don´t like Thermaltake, they´re bad. Mixed metals, their fluid just gunks up everything... Alphacool radiators are probably the best you can get. Fittings-Bitspower, EKWB,XSPC. Bykski is probably a good cheap alternative to those brands I mentioned. Haven´t used it but I´ve only heard good opinions. Also if you don´t mind cooling just the CPU, there are kits that offer (almost) everything you need. The only thing to buy is the ball valve, a splitter and an extender. I recommend guides from JayzTwoCents and Linus.
  8. It´s one kilo lighter, too.If you´re getting the no TG version there´s noise dampening foam included. The steel is 1mm thicker on the Meshify compared to the Carbide.
  9. The Meshify has also got good airflow, its quite silent, somewhat cheap and looks better than the 540 (subjective), if I was deciding I´d go for Fractal.