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  1. boggen

    Any cases with a dedicated GPU fan slot?

    some cases, offer, 1 to 2 expansion brackets perpendicular (90 degrees), above the normal expansion brackets, some folks use this spot, with a pci-e expansion cable kit. to set graphic card in that spot. others might use it for a bracket fan/s. but most caes, just have "grate / holes" in the given area. you also have, "side panel" fan/s. normally fans are positioned top back of case on the side panel were cpu would be, but some offer lower fans or larger fans that stretch down towards were GPU's would be. but generally it is only a single fan, or 200mm to 230mm fan, or 4 fans to take place of the larger single fan.
  2. boggen

    Multiple monitors with different resolutions

    resolution alignment, it gets funky some times, even once you are use to different sized monitors and different resolutions. my issue with different resolutions, is "text size", can be an issue, seeing text on main monitor just fine, but other monitor too small or to large. glare, sun, lights, etc.... and needing to sit just right to see all monitors clearly. placement / mounting positions, it may not seem like much, but it can be a bigger issue. wall mounting them all, pole mount them all, stack something under them to make at min bottoms of all screens same height. make sure monitors are in easy viewing distance!!! big issue, meaning, you are not needing to lean in hunch back trying to look at 1 of the monitors, or scoot to a side. as much as i do not want to say it, the large wide screen TVs have it going for them, in what is viewable within your eyes. going with monitor positions, having them adjustable up/down, angled adjustable easily, can help a lot, and make extra monitors useful, vs just eye candy junk that are not useful and taking up space. read (pay extra cash on good monitor mounts / tv mounts for the monitors). double check on your video cables, cheap cables can cause some issues with bleeding between cables, causing colors off on monitors. primary reason is length of cable/s needed, but also cable shielding.
  3. boggen

    USB to Ethernet Adapter

    adding on to others. double checking your are not confusing, "bytes" vs "bits" per second. bytes = 8 bits bits = 1 bits
  4. you can rent a "trencher" from local hardware stores. its like a large "chain saw blade" but cuts into the ground to leave a trench / channel. look up "machinery rental". make sure you call local gas, water, electric, etc... to mark all their lines, it is a free service, i want to say 1800 jules, or something like that. if you do not call local companies directly. due a double pull of ethernet cable, between the 2 places, in case one goes bad, you can pick up some cheaper hose, "meh" forget name of it, i call black poly", but it is something different, local hardware stores (menards, lowes, homedepot, farm and fleet, farm king, etc...) just a cheap hose to protect the ethernet cable, and pull the cables through. by code / good install. pipe should form a U, comes out of place A above ground, then go directly into ground, across the ground, then at place B, come back above ground then going into place B. ================================ there are some DIY and some bought wireless antennas for routers, Acess points, etc..., that are geared for direct sight to sight access. (no trees, or other things in between), that can help get communication going. if i can go cable vs wireless, will go cable. extra cost / hassle with routers going out, or perhaps need a reboot. though technically ethernet, needs by codes, possibly a grounding. (lighting strikes, grounding issues, etc... that can come up).
  5. boggen

    New pc cant read second hdd

    random thoughts / tries. update the bios, and reset bios to default, (rebooting when required, and after making changes to default) clear cmos on motherboard, at end of it all. and see what happens, with bios reset to default again. see if bios is set to ahci vs raid due a full computer off, wait 10 seconds or so, then turn it on, vs "reset / reboot". try another sata cable, and another port on motherboard. other goal of "sata to usb" and/or external usb enclosure, is so you could hook up drive once pc is up and running, and then run some trial data recovery software on hdd to see if recovery software can see drive, and if need be possibly retrieve data, possibly find out error/s on drive. in OS, make sure updated drivers, and updates for OS. who knows OS might detect drive.
  6. boggen

    water cooled air bags?

    cooling, vibration, anti shock, reduce noise, screwless hdd holder/cage/brackets. we have heat wraps, cool wraps to wrap around aching joints. wrap hdd/sdd up, toss into a pocket in case, attach power, data, 2 small cooling hoses. aquarium hoses, maybe a bit bigger inner diameter, use some cheap multiple port valving for say aquarium air pumps to multiple air stones, to adjust water to multiple pockets holding 2.5", 3.5:, and 5.25" drives. err, perhaps heat wraps / cool wraps, bad example, going to doctors office, and getting your blood pressure checked, when they wrap that belt/wrap around your arm, and pump up the air in it. let the pressure hold the drive in place inside the warp, and let the wrap expand to hold it all in place in the case.
  7. boggen

    water cooled air bags?

    many of the HDDs over they years more so newegg has shipped me, the HDDs come in plastic blow up cushions made specifically for hard drives. instead of the normal large filler blow up plastic to fill up boxes for shipping other things. is there a way to remake them for water cooling? or just re make them so forced air from a dedicated fan could go through a set of air bags? no actual mounting of hard drives. just take out of shipping box. push into a cage spot, hook up air or water, power and data cable and go. image is from. http://aircushionbag.com/en/inflatable-bag-application/electrionics.html
  8. boggen

    Programs to move OS from HDD to SSD?

    your better off just re-installing windows. cloning software works, but there are cons to it as well. get your activation keys for your OS, and other software.
  9. boggen

    New pc cant read second hdd

    newegg, amazon, ebay. search for "sata to usb" or "usb to sata", and enclosure, or external if you want a case to put hdd in. was there something wrong with HDD in first place? and reason for new pc? if HDD was fine, then sounds there is more to the story, and possible something not turned on in bios. make model of motherboard and HDD that is not working?
  10. replace keyboard and mouse every year, due to wearing out. not worth the media keys. then again never had a media keyboard i liked, the up/down for volumn increased to much per direction. like 8 settings vs say 100 different levels. i could get use to a mute key. but *meh*. sound icon, or short cut key to a F key, made for mute.
  11. boggen

    Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, is it any good?

    watching youtube video review yesterday, and guy said your ass gets hot. (no air circulation), note: there is about 10 different models that all look same vs amazon, but different in amount of weight they can handle, and some different arms rests.
  12. boggen

    Flashing black lines

    been way to long for me to remember. at first i would say if line was interment clear across screen, i would say monitor is having issues physically. but there are some apps that "produce" an overlay across rest of the desktop. the app runs right quick without time to respond and vanishes just as fast. (annoys me, and caught some updates for different programs). things to try / come to mind. unplug and re-plug your video cable in see what happens. if anything try another video cable or another monitor or another pc. its the old ugly swap out till ya narrow it down. turn off any sort of "sleep, hibernation, turn off at given x time", set things for performance, and restart pc. reduce resolution / refresh rate, see what happens.
  13. boggen

    Which Surge Protector Should I Buy?

    went a looking yesterday, ebay, newegg, amazon, google, looking around $30 To $40 bucks range for a descent surge protector that has options for pc. i did not look to far into surge protectors for pc. needed simple strips with surge protection, vs rj45 jack, usb, coaxial like connections. and above price range is what i saw things show up with quick glance.
  14. issues that have came up over the years. the I/O panel sometimes skews things out of whack. i hate I/O panels. they can fit in so tight bloody tight at times, and just a little off and makes for heck plugging cables in. end up bending some of the "springs per say" that fit against some of the I/O's so i can fit motherboard in some times, due to amount of force i need to push motherboard into place so i can get screws in. some times the "stand offs" for the motherboard skews things out of whack. as much as screw in stand offs can be a pain to tighten and get snug. i will keep them over the plastic versions that snap into the motherboard, and then the plastic snap ins are a pain to remove from motherboard. some times case manufacturer mess things up on the screw alignments. have had the rear bracket panel tilted, like it was bent some how during assembly. have had rear bracket panel, like machine bending things went a bit to wide and out of tolerance range. have had the spacers between bracket holes "twist" on me. causing issues. some times expansion cards / graphic card manufactures, the brackets on the cards are messed up. have had the brackets on cards slightly off like machine cutting the screw notch / hole was off slightly. the little end that slips down of the bracket have had issues little to long or little to wide. ============== when all else fails.... i have used "twisty tie" from tie up garbage bags. instead of a screw to hold card in place. have bent bracket on expansion card to get things to fit. have trimmed bottom of bracket on expansion card to get things to fit. have used longer bolt with bent tip of bracket to get things going. =============== though most times, unloosen screws on motherboard, and double checking stand offs are correct and screwed down, and making sure I/O panel is fully in place resolves issues.
  15. boggen

    Over the Air Antennae in Big Cities

    DIY antenna. and will never go back to bought versions. running a cloths hanger antenna myself. nearest picture i can find that is what i have https://www.pinterest.com/pin/455215474816838770/ https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/build-diy-hdtv-antenna/ the only time i have had to mess with antenna. was when i really, really.... really wanted to watch something that was on a tv station clear outside my normal area and had it move it for that. overall i rarely have to move the antenna. rain, is biggest issue for distances to far from me. ================== google "tv station locator" and should help you find local stations.