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  1. Sorry I forgot it.. yes its 2700x processor I tried to downgrade to 2933mhz 20 minutes ago.now I'm testing it with MemTest and it works good. thanks for your support !
  2. Hey guys! today I bought CORSAIR VENGEANCE® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Memory Kit (CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 16-18-18-36 1.35V ver4.32) I wanna use it on my computer.But I found it didn't work at 3200mhz(xmp).Neither single channel nor double channel. Here is my computer information: X470 AORUS GAMING 5 WIFI Samsung 860 EVO SATA III(1TB) Gigabyte RTX 2080 WINDFORCE I used corsair 2x8GB memory kit before.It ran perfectly at 3200mhz(xmp) I really really hope guys can help me fix it thanks
  3. Performance is good enough, so I hope that the computer can look better.
  4. 我已经购买了3个rgb风扇,显示器和1tb 860evo,1tb硬盘,它已经足够好了,所以你可以告诉我没有它们的列表吗?为32GB的内存真的有必要吗?
  5. I need a motherboard with wifi,so i don't know, if it's good enough, i will buy it
  6. I live in Hawaii,so all of this needs to be purchased in US dollars.
  7. I have a ssd hard drive with win10, so I don't need to buy a new one.
  8. this is my idea,plz tell me where i need to change? Ryzen 7 2700X / 299.99 Gigabyte RTX2080 WINDFORCE 8G / 700 Corsair vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3200Mhz / 139.99 Gigabyte x470 Aorus Gaming 5 WIFI / 179 Seasonic focus plus 850 / 119 Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E RGB / 69.99 Corsair CC-9011101-WWCORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB / 119.99 AOC Agon AG271QX / 390 I'm a gamer,and also a youtuber,so I need 2700x instead of 9700k. Gigabyte RTX2080 windforce is the cheapest RTX2080 graphics,I know it's not very well, but it's rtx2080, isn't it? The monitor may not be the best,but it's functional and cheap. memory,cpu cooler and case, well,more RGB,more POWER!!! RGB,YES!!! So this is my option,should i change something? I thought about it for days and i still don't know how to choose Is it the best choice?I really hope you guys can help me