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  1. I think i narrowed it down to the Asus Aura sync software, specifically the smart option, when it is reading the CPU temperature, after a while, it will force the PC into permanent sleep/ hibernate mode. I switched to that option right after updating to the latest Radeon drive. Reverted to alternating RGB, like I had before.
  2. Thanks, reverted to 19.9.2 and it is stable now (fingers crossed)
  3. I only have one monitor, but will row back, IF I CAN GET THE PC TO STAY ON FOR ME TO DO IT. Just went to sleep now again
  4. Having an issue where the computer will go into an unprovoked hibernation/sleep and becomes unresponsive, cannot wake it up. The system will be partially on. Just happened after installing Radeon 7 19.11.1 update yesterday, less than 24 hou. I try clicking the mouse and keyboard, tried clicking the the power button and nothing. have to turn of the power supply manually and restart. Turned off every sleep and hibernation in the power setting... The problem till happens... Anybody encountered this before?
  5. Changed my mind, keeping my drive!!!
  6. Make sure it fits in you drive case, since they are missing the middle holes. I ran into the problem just now, since my case is plastic and they have studs in the center, but no hole in the drive. Also, the bottom holes under the drive are mismatched and I cannot screw them in to secure the drive to the plastic case. Saw a Toshiba model, and they do have the middle holes.
  7. Thanks, most likely will get this one, sucks that is not 7200rpm, but I don't have "modify" or buy an additional tray.
  8. they changed the barracuda too, somehow I bought a 2Tb barracuda that was an older model, now it is a new one. But I can't find an older barracuda model that has 8TB on amazon.
  9. I have to break the middle studs of the tray, I don't want to break the studs. Also, the bottom screw holes don't align as well...
  10. So I bought an 8TB Seagate iron wolf drive for my storage and was installing it. Surprise, surprise, it didn't fit my drive tray. Why? When, apparently, Seagate changed its drive mounting point, by removing the center holes, sometimes in the beginning of the year and didn't bother posting it on their description. I did buy the Baracuda in the beginning of the year and fitted correctly, but they even changed that one. LOL Going to return now mine, but what should I get for large storage (8-10TB) with 7200 rpm?
  11. Couple of months late, but I had pluged the SSD in the wrong M2 port. There is a x4 and x2 porth, had to plug it back in the x2 port.
  12. Ok, this only happens when you turn it on for the first time if it has been unplugged. Just tested it by turning it on without turning the power supply off and turned it on after resetting the power supply.
  13. Asus x470-pro Ryzen 2600x 4 x8GB vengeance 3200Hz corsair 750 W gold certified power supply 6 ML120 fans corsair h60 120 mm cooler mounted upfront Radeon 7 GPU Also, it was doing this before and after the BIOS update, especially after I plug it in the power outlet.
  14. So, I just finished my first build, and when I power it on, the PC starts, after a few seconds, it turns off, and finally after a few more seconds, it starts loading windows normally. So, my question is, is that normal?