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  1. I do not want double click prevention, because I want to be able to click very fast (for Minecraft PvP). So does the Logitech G305 have double click prevention? (Also what are some light/small mouse below $50 that don't have double click prevention?) (And also does the cooler master MM710 have double click prevention?)
  2. Help! It’s so annoying to insert the password every time I open the PC.
  3. I brought a Redmi K20 Pro in China (I got it from a official Xiaomi store), it have a Snapdragon 855, triple cameras, and a 1080p AMOLED screen. And it only cost ¥3299 (about $450) for the basic model. I think it's the cheapest 855 phone in the market. How come it's so cheap? Plus, they just announced the Redmi Note 8 Pro which is only ¥1399 and it have quad cameras. How come Xiaomi phones are so cheap? P.S. I think the international version of the phone is the Mi 6T Pro, it have the exactly same specs and it looks similar.
  4. Should I buy a Huawei phone? (Obviously I watch YouTube)
  5. I got a Type C to Type A Adaptor that was included in my Samsung Galaxy S9+. I like to move my pictures from my phone to my hard drive. I tried to connect it to my phone but it needs to format the hard drive, which will clear all of my data from my hard drive, and I don’t want that. So I usually move the pictures to my laptop and then move it to my hard drive. I can’t skip the middle step because I only have one USB Type A port. But my laptop have 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, so I wonder if the adapter would work.
  6. how about 9700k and VEGA 56? I am going to game and video edit at 1060 144 hz.
  7. http://www.practicallynetworked.com/security/set-up-a-personal-windows-vpn.htm Maybe this would help.
  8. Maybe you can try to make your own vpn with a pc.
  9. I want to pair 9900k with 1660 Ti. Would there be bottlenecks? What about 1070? I want to game at 1080p and 144/240 hz.
  10. I think Fnatic looks better
  11. I’m worried that an Intel cpu might be unsafe due to spoiler. Should still I buy a Intel cpu (I want a 9900k but then I heard about spoiler)?