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  1. I figured it out, had to use "Diskpart" in Command Prompt to format it: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/format-hard-drive-command-prompt,37632.html
  2. I have 1 ssd (480gb), 2 hdds (2tb - external, 1tb - internal), and Sandisk pendrive. Pendrive is 14gb usable (16gb). Now I used it to boot using gtp partition scheme, so "Rufs" that booting software, split it into 2 volumes. Now when Im done, I can't just format it as there are 2 partitions, I want to make it one. So, as suggested on web, used command prompt to delete partitions didn't work instead made it invisible. Now I tried with software, didnt work instead it formatted my 2TB hdd which was full, thats a different story... Pendrive has a light which indicates it's working. Edit: Please see the last image, wondershare is bad, see HD Tune pro image at last I have removed my hdds and only the ssd remains, opened device manager without pendrive inserted this: (2nd image with pendrive) Now with pendrive: Now idk wtf is happening, I just want my pendrive to work. Please help. I really dont understa--- wait. Actually dont trust that see HD TUNE PRO below thats good. There, I see the 16 gb. That wondershare is so f up. Phew im so relieved, I literally thought of hd tune while writing this lol. so Please help thanks.
  3. I see, so just bascilly copying files over network. Ah I get it.
  4. It's asking for password and Username when I try to go to the address of shared folder thru phone. I don't have password for pc.
  5. If I set it to private who will be able to see? is there a password feature?
  6. I have es file explorer, ik it's chinese and stuff but thats not the point it gets the job done, it has a feature of network lan, but my problem is setting up my pc. I've heard about cx file explorer and it seems way WAY cleaner than es that I use, I'll download this one. it seems I have to make a duplicate of the files that I want to share, is it like that?
  7. All the files that are mising are videos, and i have waited it's done syncing as I can see in the activity menu, still I am currently resyncing hope it shows up.
  8. I tried it out, and it's kinda good you see it tries to understand what content im trying to watch and based on that it shows stuff. Now I have many animes, and they are seperated in seasons folder within name folder. Now one of the animes has 3 seasons, 2 of them have 24 episodes, plex just straight up removes the third and shows 2 seasons, but it gets worse, the 2 seasons that it does show has 15 episodes instead of 24. Now if it just showed what I usually have id be happy by trying to be over smart is not cool. But it shows really cool info on the content I'll give it that.
  9. You quoted my question, and answered it with another question. How do I do that? Im asking that from the begining
  10. If so it actually seems good, I just hope I wont be doing all the sign ups and installs only to find out that it's not free. I've also heard of SAMBA android app, which provides ip on phone to be insterted on pc, idk can you rate it?
  11. is it free? I saw it has a trial so I would assume it's not free.
  12. How do I do that? Which website or company provides such useful thing? I don't know
  13. I know it is possible as I have used shareit but shareit is one-time transfer. I want it my pc harddisks to be available to any android phone or laptop that connects my router, which is password protected ofc. I have heard of FTP, which when put in a specific url in file explorer (pc) can see and retrieve phone's data. I just want the opposite. I have a Tp-Link router: 150M Wireless Lite N Router Model No. TL-WR740N I will not be streaming huge files, just songs, and small videos so I don't mind low bandwidth. Even so, I don't think there would be a bandwidth issue. Thanks.
  14. I have Xperia C5 Ultra Dual, it started getting a little hot after I open chrome and after a few seconds, I get the "Unfortunately UI has stopped working" label popping up. In other phones I press ok and it does a refresh and becomes normal. But this doesn't work here, I repeatedly get that error and I have to reboot, then the same happens. I uninstalled chrome updates, it was running fine, updated it, became unstable again. Any fixes? It's Marshmellow, as far as I can remember, will check. All every system update done.
  15. If you can, remove the windows 10, would save you a ton of money.