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  1. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    So I ordered a Crusial Mx500 because it's more than a 480gig version and it's reliable. If I was on a fixed 480gig budget I would probably go for the WD for it's realizability because reading reviews has shown me the Xpg breaks pretty easily.
  2. That's the thing, I can confirm I have the stand off, but is the screw already in the picture?? I have some screws in my cabinet box, and I don't think screws will come with the SSD.
  3. So was I wrong? *First the SSD at the bottom then stand off (middle) then the screw on the very top?* Another thing do I need to worry about the screw / standoff not being wide enough to hold the SSD in place? cuz the semicircle/rim of m.2 seems kinda big.
  4. So first the screw then the standoff, it's in the correct 80mm slot so I just need to remove the screw then I'll be set right? Also did you ask for the view permission, sorry for the inconvenience I forgot to make it public...
  5. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    Thanks for you answer, I need another help please help: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1089932-what-weird-screw-thingi-is-this-for-m2-install-help-m2/
  6. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    Im not worried about the screw I'm worried about this strange thing covering the screw pre-installed, could you be so kind to help me with this small problem:
  7. How do I install the m.2 SSD over the thing? read below. I have a Z370 D3H rev 1 and I'll get a SSD, and it'll be 80mm, now I've checked my mobo and a weird thing is sticking out of the 80mm hole. And the screw is over that, ik there should be a thing under the screw but I can't manage to unscrew the thing. Have a look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cbCQCAv376D7TFty43FeXyJmTniahgxU/view?usp=drivesdk
  8. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    I see thanks for the advice I really appreciate it. I'll get the adata one. But do I need screws or is it available in my mobo? Or do I gotta buy?
  9. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    This is the benchmark site that I meant when I said "Google Results" in the post. By that page xpg is superior. Well then xpg I guess...
  10. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    Wolficap said WD is better, random read n write is definitely important, so adata? This is why I can't decide!
  11. Mr.Stork

    Adata SU650 vs WD Green (480GB) M.2 SSD

    I see, what about new or old? Which released later?
  12. Both seems mostly similar, but the page says wd is faster but Google results say adata is faster. Links to both below. I can get anyone as little to no difference in cost. I don't want stuff over Rs.4500 ($65), with good space over 400gigs. These two seemed right for me also my mobo Gigabyte Z370M D3h https://mdcomputers.in/adata-ultimate-su650-480gb-m-2-asu650ns38-480gt-c.html?limit=100 https://mdcomputers.in/western-digital-green-480gb-wds480g2g0b.html?limit=100
  13. I understand, so what about other files?like songs and text and games etc?
  14. I been searching for this thing for quite a while on the web but found mostly how to compress instead of effective ways. Taking let's say a video file, for example, I would assume different file types have different compression settings, but taking video .mkv file, for example, it's a 66 Mb file (Image below). Now if I use add "Add to Archive", it will show me a bunch of options (Image Below). I don't really care which file type will it be, but "zip" is the default, but if "7z" is more compressable, I would like to use that. Then there's compression level, I mostly use Ultra, and method to LZMA2 or PPMd I've seen works well. Now I don't know what else should I tweak. If there's a superior software do let me know. And Free is better. https://i.imgur.com/bOL1p1D.png I think spec-wise I'm fine, still here's the list: http://specr.me/show/8e8. I'm doing this out of curiosity and was wondering about this for a long time. I and maybe other people could help with this knowledge. Compressing might save some space and make many files One. Also, do the settings change if there more that one files are involved. Thanks!