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  1. Andrusha

    How about a button badges for LTX 2019?

    Hey guys. This is looking great. I like cartoonish looking style, totally represents LTT vibe. All best!
  2. Andrusha

    How about a button badges for LTX 2019?

    Sounds great! Thanks for your feedback, Colton. I appreciate. If everything will go by plan, I'll see you guys at LTX 2019. All best!
  3. Hi to everybody! I would like to share an idea with you guys. How about to have a button badges for LTX 2019 with funny-crazy faces of Linus and LTT team members on it. We all know Linus is a master of million face expression and LTT team is a bunch of characters. So almost in every video you can find unique crazy-funny faces. Please let me present for you some of my favorites. Thank you and looking forward for you feedback.