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  1. I recently purchased a laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 port, and have heard it's possible to charge through this port. I have an extra fast charge wall wart from my old Galaxy S8, and was wondering if it'd be safe to plug a USB-c cable into it, and charge the laptop through this. I understand it definitely won't charge as quickly as with the included charger, but will it harm my computer in any way?
  2. I recently purchased a Samsung Q6FN. From my understanding the TV has Bluetooth included in it. I'm the kind of guy who likes to have privacy when I watch shows and the like; besides the fact that the audio on most TV's suck and I don't want the noise to bother others; I'm wondering if there's a workaround. I have a Dualshock 4 leftover from selling my PS4. I like to use it for PC gaming, but I'm wondering if it's possible to Bluetooth it to the TV, and then plug my wired headphones into it, using it almost like a remote audio dock. A bit of a janky solution, but I'm wondering if it's possible. I don't really want to shell out the cash for any additional pieces of tech right now as I just dumped a bunch into the TV.
  3. I already have a nice PC and do plan on connecting it to whatever TV I get. You make a fair point. I guess my biggest concern is that something leagues better will come out later this year at a much better price, and I'll be left feeling like I have old hardware. Think there's a good chance of that, or not likely?
  4. Hi all, I currently have a budget of $600 to put towards a TV. I plan on using it for gaming with a Playstation 5 later this year, and would like to make the best of my money. The Samsung Q6FN 55 inch comes with 120hz refresh, and 4K. (though I believe you can't do both at the same time). The refurbished version of this TV is currently available at Walmart for $500, with $50 in tax and another $50 if you want a 3 year warranty (which, at that price, seems like a pretty good deal to me). With the PS5 still not out, but on the horizon of release later this year alongside the Xbox Series X, I'm wondering if it makes sense for me to snag this TV now, or if Samsung will put out another better option that is still within my price range later this year to sell to people buying the new consoles. Some may suggest I merely wait until the PS5 comes out, but my concern is that the Q6FN will go up in price. In October it was $600, then went up to $700 in December, then back down to $500 this month. I'm slightly worried that I will miss my chance to buy it at this low of a price again, especially if other people are purchasing for their own PS5's.
  5. I have an i7-8750H, and an RTX 2060. I just got it so I haven't actually run any stress tests on it yet.
  6. Is there a way I can check and compare my CPU's performance to other CPUs, just to gauge if the thermal paste is doing it's job? That way if it's fine I don't even have to bother opening it up if it's already doing well.
  7. Hey all, I'm the new owner of an MSI GS65 Stealth-006. Going into this purchase I was aware that this laptop is particularly difficult to modify due to the flipped motherboard. I've had a fair bit of experience working with laptops in the past, and am willing to take the risks that come with disassembling it and making modifications myself. I know it's challenging, but I think as long as I'm willing to take the time and be gentle, nothing should get damaged. I intend to repaste my CPU and GPU. I've done this before with a friend of mine who had already purchased thermal paste, so I'm not super familiar with which one would be good to buy. I'd like to get a recommendation on a thermal paste I can purchase from Amazon or Newegg that will give me better performance. I don't necessarily need the top-of-the-line paste (ICE diamond), unless it's only a couple dollars more. I want something that's good quality but don't want to overpay just to see a percentage or a fraction of a percent of performance, you know? In addition to this, I've been reading that adding a thermal pad below an NVMe drive can help improve it's performance. I hadn't heard this before and I'm curious if it's worth doing, and if so, where I can find a couple at a decent price. Most of the ones I've seen on amazon are packs of a dozen or more, and I just don't see myself needing that many. Also, are there any other places I can add padding to help disperse heat? I want to help add or replace padding to help ensure the most efficient cooling on the laptop, so it can last longer and perform better. If anyone has had experience with this exact laptop, that would be even better!
  8. Everything I've heard indicates next gen consoles will be closer to desktop PC's in every way. their graphical spec is on par with an RTX 2070, with a higher pricetag to match. Obviously I know it's not out yet, I'm just trying to prepare ahead of time.
  9. Would it be best for me to wait for a new TV to come out to match the specs of the PS5, or am I safe getting one now with HDMI 2.0?
  10. I meant the laptop output. I know the Samsung input is 2.0.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/LG-25UM58-P-25-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B01BV1XB2K/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=ultrawide+monitor&qid=1572151803&s=electronics&sr=1-9 Not 144hz, but it is ultrawide and not bad for price. Mine was used, but mine was also a 29-inch.
  12. Provided you're not looking for one that's over 60hz, you can actually find some decently priced used ones. I got mine for around $140.