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    into i7-8700
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    asrock B36m IB-R/socket lga 1151
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    ddr4 32gb 2666
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    nividia rtx 2070
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    1tb ssd
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    hp 27es
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    corsair h115i pro liquid
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    win 10

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  1. Vance44

    Free CPU monitoring software?

    Okay I can try it give it a shot she works I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling to keep going on another trial version I'm wondering if you pay for it one time or you have to keep paying under subscription If it's only $40-50 bucks for a lifetime That's not too bad I would probably pay for that but I'm not going to pay that every month?
  2. Vance44

    Free CPU monitoring software?

    Okay this helps out a lot I will give these a shot and see how they work I like using Adia 64 But is it a one-time payment or do you have to continue paying for it?
  3. Is there a good software that I can use for free that will help me monitor my temperatures and all of my hardware components? Was using adia 64 but now it wants me to pay for it
  4. Vance44

    davinci resolve 16?

    it is supposed to offer a little more performance and I think when they get the bugs out it should work quite well I do like the new clip cut feature they have
  5. Vance44

    davinci resolve 16?

    They also have a new item removal tool for example if somebody ends up in your shop that you don't want there you can remove them completely
  6. Vance44

    davinci resolve 16?

    Yea I rebooted that seem to help I think it's software issues So far I haven't learned enough of 15 to know what the real changes are in 16 but I sort of like the new cut feature it's a lot easier to cut split
  7. has anyone else had any problems with the new davinci resolve? just when i thought i had things figured out and got things in my timeline running rather smoothly then all the sudden things in davinci resolve starting playing very slow and choppy the audio is fine but the video has a hard time keeping up? could this be something with the new resolve 16? i guess i cant go back now ! i check to make sure there wasnt an update to fix bug but there wasnt not to mention its stopped responding on me and crashed a few times!!!! ????? i'm wondering if this is my computer or the software GRRR!!! oh yea one more thing .. i've noticed it takes alot longer to boot up and open to ? could it be it just got worse if you dont have a powerful enough computer?
  8. Okay yeah I think I'm going to wait for the new CPUs to come out so that I can take advantage of the price drops but this really helps out a lot thanks guys! I'm going to have to replace my motherboard too so is there any recommendations? I'm not looking into getting into overclocking upgrading to a threadripp alone stock is going to be a better improvement over my current i7 8700 6 core
  9. I made a post and a section upon CPUs asking the same question but I got no responses so I thought I would try here.... So I'm a little confused on threadrippers according to this 16 core thread ripper is cheaper than the 12 core that doesn't make sense right? Unless one is older than the other? I'm not that familiar with them so can you help me pick one that's right for me? I would think any of them would do even the lowest end 12 core? I might play the occasional counterstrike go but other than that it's all general multitasking and mostly video editing 4K DaVinci resolve
  10. Vance44

    fusion davinci resolve

    Well I'm trying to piece together and intro for youTube channel maybe it just don't work because I'm too stupid to use it and doesn't understand how it really works lol I just found out DaVinci resolve 16 just came out it's in a beta version right now but I might look into that to see if they've made any changes as far as the controls and everything else? It just seems like peace and together nodes on a solid background trying to tweak things to get what you want seems odd especially when as you're doing it nothing shows up on the screen so you can't see what you've created
  11. ok for anyone that dose editing in davinci resolve alls i'm going to say is it's so stupid even dumber then i am i've fallowed step by step youtube video's on how to use it and i cant get anything to work or show up like they do in my opinion davinci resolve's fusion is a joke if you can help it dont use it!!!!!! in unless someone can tell me what my dumbass is doing wrong!? lol am i the only one that has this problem?
  12. Vance44

    export times??

    yea that's pretty interesting i was wondering how mine was doing compared to anyone else that might be editing and i'm upgrading in the near future .. so would be interested to see what the differences is with a threadripper :) ...and possibly all m.2 drives and higher ram speeds
  13. Vance44

    export times??

    score 2869
  14. Vance44

    export times??

    yea crap i just rand a test but i dont remember what the score was like 2990 or something like that i'll run another one quick