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    into i7-8700
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    asrock B36m IB-R/socket lga 1151
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    ddr4 32gb 2666
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    nividia rtx 2070
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    hp 27es hd 1080p /lg 4k
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    win 10

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  1. My only thing is if you get a cheap Wi-Fi extender or booster how well do they really work They might make your signal stronger but you're not getting the higher consistent speeds? In order to do that you would still need it plugged directly into the primary router So in that case using this old router to extend my Wi-Fi is just as good there's no reason to go out and buy one Now on the high end for example 100 to $200 Netgear nighthawk Wi-Fi extender that could be a different story?
  2. Well yes and no lol I have an old high-end Netgear gaming router here and I can get it to work just fine as a booster I'm getting full and reliable signals and my speed went up so it's working but I have to make sure it's plugged into the existing router Not a huge deal but the idea of it being completely wireless not having to be plugged in directly to the existing router was kind of nice Just can't get it to work that way
  3. So I've watched tons of YouTube videos on how to turn my old router into a Wi-Fi extender or access point some of them claim that you can set this up so it's completely wireless You do not have to have it plugged in to your primary router??.. Well I followed every step from every video I've watched cannot get this to work Maybe they are failing to tell me that it's not truly wireless even though they say it's wireless they are plugged into primary router Or maybe there's something I'm missing or not doing? I can set this up and get it to work and it works fine plugged into primary router But I cannot get this to work completely wireless like they are claiming? When I follow all of the steps and all of the videos I've watched all said and done the Wi-Fi signal from the old router shows up but it has no internet
  4. shouldn't make the gpu go up tho right?
  5. interesting ... in cs:go with my 3900x its using like 15% on the cpu and like 65% on the gpu? lol on the 8700 it was like 45% on t he cpu and 50% on gpu
  6. If you're going off of the system specs I have on my profile with the CPU being an i-7 8700 That is no longer my CPU I am now AMD 3900X I'm assuming that's why you sent me a link It's showing paired with an 8700 So with what that site is saying I should have no problem getting 60 or even a little over FPS with any tripled title game So what I'm getting is about normal but at 14:40 shouldn't I be getting a little higher?
  7. So I'm really interested to know what other people might be getting on a RTX 2070 graphics card What is your FPS? I have not had the opportunity to use any other GPU for comparison So I'm wondering what an RTX 2070 are you getting the same FPS as me? Game. Fps C's:go. 294-305 Day of defeat- 290 Borderlands 3. 65-70 Outer world. 70 I could play in 4K if I absolutely wanted to but being I have a 1440p monitor that's the resolution I stay at I've tried to search YouTube for RTX 2070 FPS results but everybody seems to be doing it in 1080 can't find anything at 1440 The reason I'm asking is because when I play CS:GO at a four-camera resolution on a 4K monitor I get right around the same FPS give or take 5-6 When I do a heaven benchmark at 4K resolution I get anywhere between 60 and 65 fps which is not making sense to me how I'm getting so much more in CS:GO Is the FPS counter I'm using for my RTX card inaccurate versus the FPS reading I'm getting from heaven? I'm just wondering if one of these is inaccurate and if so how far off it is?
  8. this is what i figured this is good i was just wondering
  9. i guess i was just wanting to know if this was normal ... normal for other users with this kind of cpu and gpu combo i've never had a pair like this so i wasn't totally sure what i was suppose to be getting?
  10. so i just upgraded from i7 8700 to amd 3900x paird with rtx 2070 and i noticed in games that my gpu runs pretty high between about 88% up to maxing out at 100% and the cpu hardly does anything 15% about 25% max lol where before it always seem to be a healthy balance cpu probly about 45% and gpu about 57%? this don't necessarily mean its bottle necked now does it? its not a big deal bc i'm gettting 200 fps or even 75-80 fps in the high taxing games but im just wondering shoun't the cpu be doing a little more so the gpu isnt working so much?
  11. well i can tell you i just got my 3900x up and running tonight and tested it had a 6 core i7 8700 and i testing editing a 4k video just over 3 mins long ... i didnt go nuts i'm still looking how to be a pro but i did add some 3d text and video transitions ... and i like the differences its made for me ... editing and playing everything back playing with things in the timeline is better ... i dont know what your upgrading from ... but with the 3min video i got it exported in 5 min flat not bad .. normally id try to make as little edits in my videos as possible to try to help and it would normally take about 10 min to export ... everyone's experience may very but i can tell you it helps ... if you want to spend the extra money for the 3950x and you can get you hands on one id say go for it .. going bigger can only help ! ... no will a be a big and night difference i cant answer that .. but the difference may or may not big as big as you might think ... you might see little more smoother timeline scrubbing and play back and little faster exports what gpu are you using? .. i use davinci resolve and i've heard and been told and every research that says it loves to use gpu in my experience it barley uses my gpu it manly uses the cpu maybe if your using something else to edit it might very t
  12. well so far I have not had any issues running it as is The only problem I'm having is getting a fresh install of Windows It's just not having it
  13. well I'm pissed at myself right now because I should have just left everything alone deleted everything and just reinstalled everything lol
  14. My only option at this point is to take it in and let geek squad do it I don't know what else to do
  15. I checked what version of Windows I had before I started this flash drive I'm making sure that I'm picking the same version of Windows which is Windows 10 home