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  1. Well only one pc works now, the one with the 2080ti and 2700X doesn't have any display, I swapped it's ram and rx 480 out for the 2080ti and better ram now it has no display
  2. Yeah the 2080ti was just working perfectly in the other system, before I switched gpus and ram both pcs worked
  3. This is the replacement gpu it already died, I'm pretty sure anthem straight up bricked the last one It's an aorus rtx 2080ti extreme 11gb Ryzen 7 2700X
  4. There is only one gpu in, also is it normal for it to be extremely hot to touch with no fans going? There's no display, no fans going, it's really hot and there is a big "FAN STOP" in rgb on the side I can't remember if that was always there in the other build
  5. I had the same problem yesterday and it turned out to be the ram, I swapped the 2400mhz 2x4gb ram with 2x8gb 3200mhz ram and it's rx 480 with a 2080ti and now it's getting no display again. This time there is a yellow light on the slot the 2080ti is plugged into and I can't see any problems with the ram not being plugged in right mobo Asus Prime B450M-A
  6. I was going for a 4K60 Pro capture card dual pc streaming setup but I think I had the wrong idea and I'm hoping someone can clear this up before I attempt to replace parts and mess it up even more when I never had to.. I have my 4K60Pro in my gaming pc that runs a hdmi cable to the streaming pcs gpu hdmi port, and it turns out it's the complete other way around apparently My mobo in the streaming pc only has one x16 pcie slot for it and it's being used by my old graphics card which is an rx 480, the cpu is a 2700x which doesn't have any integrated graphics so it needs to stay What to do? -.-
  7. Looking for a cpu that can handle 900p 60 on the x264 medium preset in obs/slobs. Was going to get the ryzen 5 2600 but now I'm doubting it could pull that off anymore, signal to encode and send off would be from the 4K60 Pro in the gaming pc, anyone got ideas? Can a 1700X handle it?
  8. Believe it or not I had a bad time with this specific model too, I had it replaced and the replacement failed within a week or something aswell. I got credited by PCCG and went with the Hydro series H110i 280mm instead and it's been fine since 9 months. Both times the pump failed, tubes were hot for me too and my pc was switching off when it got too hot. Send it back. I remember at the time the reason we decided to stick with a different model from corsair was because they were both going through different manufacturing so we took a gamble and apparently they do it right. Forgot where and how we found this but it's out there, whoever is making the model you have failed hard IMO.