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    Yes the red rectangle. The video angle helped. Thanks
  2. SSTitan


    What is this loop on the GPU. I often see builds with them and wonder what was going on.
  3. When I turn on my computer or wake it up, the background picture will show the last saved, then change back to the current. One monitor is hooked up with a display port and the other is a HDMI. Anyone know why?
  4. Interesting..sooo I’m not going to tell my wife that I didn’t need a new power supply because I thought I screwed it up lol
  5. I didn’t know a motherboard could have a coil whine. I’m about 98% sure it’s the power supply
  6. I ordered a EVGA supernova 750 80 plus gold yesterday. I couldn’t really find an answer to my question so I decided to join and post here.
  7. I’m almost certain. I took it about halfway out of the case and placed my ear right near the exhaust. I say almost Certain because I have a meshify c and the case isn’t know for quiteness. I did see in a vid that gpu’s did that as well, which is news to me. Just really curious if a power supply can be damaged from overclocking.
  8. I decided to overclock my EVGA 1070ti last weekend. I didn’t keep the overclock setting after playing with it so now it’s back at stock. I noticed this week I have a weird hum or buzz coming from my power supply when under load. I took it halfway out of the case and fired up a game to confirm it was the power supply. It’s a cheap 600W standard 80 plus certified from cyberpower. I don’t remember the name. My question is can overclocking damage a power supply? I’ve watched some videos on humming being an annoying but common thing. I just found it odd that it started after I started to overclock my GPU