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  1. So I've had a 20,000mAh power bank I've been using for a month to make sure my phone never dies My question was, what is the optimal charging method for my phone? Do you keep your phone on the charger even when it's on 100%? or do you let it reach 100% and then leave it off the charger until it gets low again then you charge it back to 100%?
  2. You have a point for future support on newer cpu's
  3. Redrooster

    Random Piano Question

  4. Redrooster

    Random Piano Question

    What is it called when you play the lowest note on a piano and you play each note until you reach the highest note?
  5. Redrooster

    Gaming Load Times Question.

    If you are talking about the "4KiB" speeds, my 2tb game drive doubles my HDD. Additionally, I didn't even think about the CPU. Does the single core performance dictate the load times, or is it the number of cores and threads?
  6. Redrooster

    Gaming Load Times Question.

    What determines your load time in a game, the read or the write? I have been gaming on a 500gb HDD for 5 years and my partner gifted me a 2tb micro USB 3.0 hard drive for games. Now it says it's only for Xbox games but I got it to work for my pc (Up until 2019 my primary gaming device was ps4 and xbone, that all changed when I got my rtx 2060) The old HDD that I used for 5 years has a sequential Read/Write speed of 89MB/s and 78MB/s respectively That 2tb micro USB 3.0 hard drive has a sequential Read/Write speed of 117MB/s and 115MB/s respectively
  7. well Im getting a b450 tomahawk, so...
  8. Redrooster

    Sekiro Question

    Yeah, i knew that much
  9. Redrooster

    Sekiro Question

    Ahh, that makes some sense.
  10. Redrooster

    Sekiro Question

    Why do they give you the option to die when you are at the resurrection screen? As far as I know, dragon rot spreads either way. Does anyone know the reason why the "die" button is there? I was about to kill a boss and I got greedy and I was punished, well I accidentally choose to kill myself.
  11. Redrooster

    Fallout 4 FPS Weirdness

    Okay, so i am able to run gta V and sekiro on ultra settings at 1080p and get a solid 60fps, but for some reason while I'm near the Trinity Tower in Fallout 4 i get ~26 fps While I'm around the city i get 50-60fps with lag spikes When I'm outside of the city i get a solid 60fps My GPU usage caps at 40% and my cpu usage caps at 70%. What's going on?
  12. Redrooster

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    Before you jump to conclusions, I am in between builds at the moment. Currently i have a, I5 3550 (had since 2014) RTX 2060 (just got it on 4/6) 16gb DDR3 1600 Mhz (got it 3/10) Corsair CX 650M psu (got it 3/21) 500gb hdd (had since 2014) The cpu was running at around 84°c so i decided I would use the best poorman's cooling method, no side panel + a fan. This summer I plan on getting either a r5 2600x or zen 2 with a b450 tomahawk and 16gb (2x8gb) 3000mhz of Corsair Vengeance AND a Phanteks Eclipse P350X so i won't have to run the current method of cooling
  13. Redrooster

    Sekiro Troubles (LIGHT SPOILERS)

    So... I got gud. I went to sleep after posting this. I woke up this morning and beat him on my third try. I think I was just so tilted last night that I wasn't gaining any progress. That's a pretty good lesson to come out of this, if you die more than 20 times to something you probably just need to take a break and come back to it later.
  14. Redrooster

    Sekiro Troubles (LIGHT SPOILERS)

    So i bought sekiro the day it came out, but i wasn't able to play it until April 6th (that's when my 2060 came in the mail). I have been having a really good time playing this game, and a boss hasn't killed me more than 3 times....... Until (LIGHT SPOILERS) The second time you face Genichiro Ashina has given me a brain aneurysm. After 12 deaths and 1 dragon rot, I got to the point where i could beat his first stage without dying [[if i was in my mojo]] but that lightning stage......... I understand that you have to jump right before he hits you, and you have to swing at him in mid air to transfer the lightning to him, but his fighting style is so brutal in his final stage. Half of his attacks are unblockable and they reach half way across the stage (so you have to be jump happy if you don't want to get hit, but if you try to avoid one of his attacks and you guess wrong and it turns out to be a lightning strike, you're screwed). I have died 26 times to this guy, 2 people have contracted dragon rot since i started this boss battle. Does anyone have any input on this?