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  1. Hey, I would like to know where the bottleneck in my system lies. (It’s my graphics cards, but I’m wondering how much of a difference upgrading will make) I have: -An i9 9900k - (2x) GeForce GTX 980ti classified edition -16 Gb 3000Mhz RAM -Samsung 750 evo SSD -1440p 144hz monitor My scenario is this: I have been trying to get into streaming lately, and I originally had a 6700K, however I upgraded because even streaming CSGO was so much of a hit to performance that I was not receiving 144 FPS at max settings. While the 9900k solved that problem for CSGO, I have now started to see other problems with stream performance while in games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six or Apex Legends. It’s confusing though because I am not having any performance issues on my end while gaming. The thing I thought to do is to encode using x264 instead of NVENC, but while this fixes the issue of stream performance in Overwatch, Apex legends and rainbow six still have issues with the stream performance. My CPU is only using about 4% (according to streamlabs) at the heaviest intensity of encoding. So where is the bottleneckint occurring? The 2 980tis? Lastly is my question on how much an upgrade would help. If I bought a 2080ti, would I suddenly not see any problem with any game, or would it only make it marginally better? If it’s only a marginal difference, maybe upgrading isn’t worth it, but for good performance on stream, it definitely is to me. If you want to check my stream performance to help your answer out; my twitch username is jarboy2, and I’ve saved my most recent streams in order to show how they suffer when I switch to Rainbow Six and Apex Legends. Thanks so much for any help!