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  1. Don't see the option to set core current limit in the BIOS, or am i looking in the wrong place?
  2. Hi, My i5 4670k is overclocked to a stable 4.4GHz, and it's currently at 1.28 V (CPU-Z shows 1.290V) I'm wondering to what voltage you can go before it gets dangerous/bad for the chip. (My BIOS shows a red number after 1.30V)
  3. 2x GTX 970 Even on low battlefield 1 (for example) pushes my cpu to 100%, making it stutter all over the place and reaching a "max" fps of 50-60 (somehow)
  4. Not planning on overclocking, could use the standard cooler with AMD or buy one if its intel
  5. I'd obviously rather not spend 650€ or so for an upgrade. but i'd say €500-600 ($560-670) is doable
  6. Regular 1080p Not really in a hurry either, haven't heard of the next gen ryzen yet
  7. Hi, I now have an i5 4670K overclocked, but it's starting to fall behind rapidly. Considering i have to upgrade motherboard, cpu and RAM i want to make my pc a bit more future proof. (I don't need 500 fps either. as long as i should be able to play games at 60 or above for a few years i'm good) I can't make up my mind on which cpu's are a good choice, and why. CPU's i'm considering: Ryzen 7 2700X Ryzen 5 2600x Intel i7 8700k Intel i5 8600k Any recommendation or why would be very helpful