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  1. Post alot, but don't upload a profile pic?
  2. You guys are my favorite channel on YouTube and I trust every one of your opinions. You took a big risk when you left your job for the company and I couldn't be happier that it worked out for you Linus.
  3. I pretty much love anything from Google, not much I can find that I don't like about them.
  4. I'm curious. Is there a way to paint a part with regular acrylic paint and a paintbrush, or do I pretty much have to use some sort of spray paint?
  5. Hi, I've never done any sort of case modification before so I want to try it out by painting part of my X-Box 360, since it's not as valuable to me as my computer. Can anyone tell me step-by-step how to paint the Memory Unity Door of the front panel as seen here: I know how to get it off, I just want to know how to paint it properly, like the process and what type of paint to use, etc.
  6. Not sure which one, but sounds like a game in the Twisted Metal series.
  7. Shame it's been canceled, I would've loved to join if my computer could handle it.
  8. I started because of Roblox. sorry it was lame i know but then after quitting that game I decided to learn some other programming languages, that was about 5 or 6 years ago.
  9. The fandom can be annoying at times but Doctor Who is a really good show.
  10. I think I'm just gonna stick with what I have, I appreciate the suggestions but I think this is the point where I'm going to draw the line and accept that no matter what there are helpful changes that can be made. I'm satisfied with this build, and I don't really need to save every little penny possible.
  11. I was trying to keep it under 750 (discluding mail-in rebates) so I'm cutting it pretty close right now.
  12. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/SilverCommando/saved/mGpmP6 After lots of changes and refining this is what I think I've decided on and I want a final opinion from you guys. (Please don't recommend switching to an Intel processor, I am set on this AMD processor)
  13. Ok let's stop this religious argument because no amount of facts or opinions will sway either side to the other and will only cause more problems. So please, everyone, drop it?