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  1. I think the weirdest/hardest thing to find is wanting the third main button or a scroll that doesn't double as a button.
  2. Guy I've followed a long time Ross Scott who does Freeman's Mind, talked about how his old mouse is dying, but he has a lot of difficulty finding one he likes. He made a big infographic talking about what he likes, and knowing this forum is full of smart people and linus and a bunch of people have looked at some pretty weird peripherals, thought I'd throw it here and see if anybody has any good suggestions.
  3. Thank you, I'll look into these, I think the clearance might be a little close. There a good option if the clearance isn't there? Thank you all so much for the quick responses though!
  4. So I have an ibuypower pc that literally just fell out of warranty and started having massive heating issues, the case sadly isn't a great one. It currently has a 120mm aio on it. I know the thread talks about not wanting 'good enough' but I'm not looking to overclock, just something that should keep my cpu nice and cool under load while it's turboing during things like streaming. I admit I sort of wish 'cooling' was just a category because I'm not entirely fussed about it being an aio cooler, but I'm really just not sure what's good for a 9600k, google searches and stuff usually just points at things that are a bit more than I think I need like a kraken (which I don't really have a good spot for, I really only have the one 120mm spot.) any advice or suggestions are welcome, Ideally I'd love something more mid range, long term relaible.
  5. I'm sorry, I think I've explained poorly, I mean like a dvd/blue ray drive. My current case doesn't have room for a cd/dvd/blue-ray drive due to where the radiator mounts. I haven't bought a drive yet, but I would like to be able to. So I'm wondering if a straight external drive like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/slredirect/picassoRedirect.html/ref=pa_sp_atf_aps_sr_pg1_1?ie=UTF8&adId=A09318781A5T5USHYW2ZF&url=%2FLG-BP50NB40-Rewriter-Certified-Refurbished%2Fdp%2FB07D53DS2V%2Fref%3Dsr_1_1_sspa%3Fkeywords%3Dexternal%2Bblu%2Bray%2Bdrive%26qid%3D1551963341%26refinements%3Dp_89%3ALG%26rnid%3D2528832011%26s%3Dgateway%26sr%3D8-1-spons%26psc%3D1%26smid%3DA33T0EMRHT99U4&qualifier=1551963341&id=1059787037509554&widgetName=sp_atf or buy an enclosure like this: https://www.amazon.com/External-Optical-Enclosure-Compatible-Blu-Ray/dp/B07JQ12WRR/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=external+blu+ray+enclosure&qid=1551963406&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 and then buying an internal drive.
  6. I really wasn't sure if this should go under storage or peripheral (or perhaps another category altogether?) But i got a new computer recently that due to the radiator doesn't really have a space for 5.25" drives. I would like to get some blue-ray/dvd/cd playback though, and I guess what I'm curious about is does anyone know whether just a straight external drive or an external enclosure is better? Which one would be more budget friendly for quality? What little shopping I've done can show some drastically different gaps, and it's a lot to try to process.