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Salman Saleem

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    I am Salman Saleem, working as an Architect Head. I am an experienced player technically in many field as can be seen from my profile & website with 4 years experience in the broad range of development and digital marketing. I am very serious and passionate about my work. As an experienced digital marketing professional & Developer, I have an excellent command over Android, PHP , IBM Cloud, Wordpress,PHP,SEO,Facebook Marketing Campaign, Facebook Pixel,Google Analytics,Google Ads
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    Digital Marketing Strategist

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  1. No i dont think so but i believe they can go up if new mining tech comes in market which requires ram as power like it happened with graphic cards in past
  2. if cinema 4d is the cause for torrent then i would advise to try blender cause its free and open source and just for info spiderman 2 was made in it
  3. No it dont, but mostly i have read that games with denuvo protection lags alot because of the security that eats up ram and processor