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  1. Great game for new/old memories and only 1 euro https://store.steampowered.com/app/71340/Sonic_Generations_Collection/
  2. It could arrive tomorrow and still show the same tracking. i get that all the time.
  3. Thanks for the info guys! I will wait and see what comes this autumn
  4. Hi i found someone selling a 2nd hand i7-9700k for around €250, i currently have i5 7600k that i could sell and get it for cheaper which would make it a good option. Would this jump make any difference to my system or should i just go with a new Ryzen bulid?
  5. Budget (including currency): low - mid range Country: Ireland (but can shop mostly in the EU) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: COD WARZONE/ PLAYER UNKNOWN Other details My mate looking to upgrade at the moment we cant play together on COD so i told him to send me his current build. I find the i5 CPU good enough and think he should upgrade GPU ro 1070 and RAM 16GB... maybe some ssd Any info would be great.
  6. After five years of having a slow Monitor and a 960 2g GPU, I can now finally enjoy playing competitive games with this new set up and also play the Witcher on high ? all without breaking the bank Monitor €200 - 1070 €200 - sold €160 + total cost € 240 - Good christmas so far. old gear
  7. It those seems normal to me but I just want to be sure. Thanks I gave it a go and there isn't any problems coming up. Am gonna uninstall the drivers and reinstall them and see how i get on.
  8. all i did so far was updated the drives.
  9. Hi guys, I was looking to get some help today, I bought a 2nd hand GPU (MSI) from eBay and tested on Furmark. Everything seems alright but when i play RS6 i get the odd flicker. It doesn't happen during gameplay but when it comes to the picking squads and the transition part it flicks (attached a video). Could this be a sign of the card going bad? I dont want to be going a week and find out something up. Any advice would be nice thanks. WL. 20191210_164904.mp4
  10. So awhile back I was talking to someone about buying this laptop off him. All went well, we talked about the device ( it had a scratch on it) and was happy to go ahead with the sale. It takes me 2 hours to get to the city where he located, halfways driving there he sends me a message saying it's off! I tried ringing him he turned off his phone...soo at this point am really annoyed driving back after wasting money on fuel and tolls. Then at 5 am I get this lengthy response message and yeah here it is...
  11. So I have decided to take a chance on buying the Matebook x pro (16gb, I7,MX150) from a well known eBay seller for 1100 euros. I was told they are factory sealed and more or less new... cross fingers that it is. I will give an update on this post or another post on how I get on with it.
  12. Yeah UK fine with me and no Thunderbolt is not necessary but would be nice
  13. Ireland has probably the worse online stores for computing. I only use Amazon UK, DE, US (depending on import fees) or pc world uk well GPU would be nice for the likes of After effects but i could do with integrated. Battery anywhere between 8 hours use
  14. Thanks for your info... I will look at the surface book 2 any links to it would be great.
  15. I currently live in Ireland and I know that I will be dealing with a QWERTZ layout if I buy from Germany but the prices are the cheapest going in the EU. RAM: The more the better! is the saying but if I can go for an 8GB and upgrade later that would work. As far as these models go there both soldered on. Touch Screen is nothing special for me..so no need. For graphic design, I would need a good panel with colour accuracy As I will be travelling around, the laptop needs to be light but I have a backpack that would be able to hold a 15inch.