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  1. I am done with LTT and LTT forums all together. I got couple of things to say before I go. First of all ToS is open to different interpretations and gets abused. Lack of proper ban dispute / moderation system is extremely annoying and never yields any results. I have been here long enough to see the abuse of power increase. I have made my Discord ID publicly available I also have made my last online date available, if you need help with software localization or translation into Turkish or if you are ever in Turkey or simply just want to talk hit me up in Discord, I am happy to help.


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    2. noxdeouroboros


      Good luck to you and I kinda get your point.

    3. Windows7ge


      RIP Levent

      1/27/2013 - 2/15/2020

      "...although he departs, may his helpfulness live on..." - Some Guy

    4. wkdpaul


      * locked *


      As mentioned in the Community Standards, disputes can be done by contacting an admin. Sanctions can be revoked if the admins consider there was a mistake (it happens, we're all humans after all).


      The Community Standards is vague on purpose, the previous rules were extremely specific and so, it was filled with loopholes. That's why the CS is now kinda vague. Also, as per the CS, we have the right to remove any content we deem necessary ;


      The following is not an exhaustive list of the rules and guidelines that must be followed when participating on Linus Tech Tips. The moderation team reserve the right to terminate any and all accounts or remove any content at any stage without prior notice. The rules outlined below are only the minimum expectations of members and not every issue can be predicted and addressed here, so conduct could still be considered out of line even if it isn't explicitly covered here. The instructions of the moderation team must be followed at all times.

      This above is also confirmed by Linus and Luke ;



      If you disagree with some rules stated in the CS, you can contact an admin about it or make a thread in the "feature suggestions" subsection, rules HAVE changed in the past, and they will continue to change over time.


      We understand the frustration that moderation can bring, but it's necessary to keep the forum clean and a safe place for people to share their stories or to ask for help and advice.


  2. Not just that, it helps a ton with transparency side of things.
  3. It is a cumbersome process. That would need another member of moderation to agree with users dispute. Also we only have 2 admins, I would rather have my dispute available to whole moderation without requiring someone else to agree. Currently that's only possible if I dm to mortis or whiskers.
  4. In the current report system when a post gets reported its up to whoever is dealing with the report to let the user know that post is moderated. For example wkdpaul dm's when he moves or deletes posts however it is only him that does that (the only one that I know of) It would be nice to have a system that provides a feedback to user on reason behind moderation. I dont think this would put that much extra effort on moderation team. I also think there should be a way to dispute the moderation in that system. Anyways just my 2cents, a lot of moderation happens here daily and none of them can be questioned or disputed plus its always good to know when your post is removed, moved or edited.
  5. I gave myself the perfect valentines day present. 18 stitches on my face.

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    2. noxdeouroboros


      I have 20 pins in my hands, so stitches got me by surprise also. These days stitches aren't that big deal. But it's kinda disappointing you haven't done the face swap, way more interesting story :D Good luck with the healing process btw.

    3. Levent


      dang you must be fun at airports.

    4. noxdeouroboros


      Yeah, takes forever.In one airport they even involved a police officer to "evaluate" me :D 

  6. GoOgLe DiD nOt HeLp Me.

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    2. Levent


      @Den-Fiattempted to help him a bit on that one.

    3. lewdicrous


      Image result for there was an attempt

      I'm just waiting for another thread about another game with the same problems.

    4. Den-Fi


      I googled the number 5 since it happened 5 times. I only got results about the number 5. This did not help me.

  7. We are teaching people how to use google. Hey Google, what year is it?

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    2. Den-Fi


      If it helps not to have 100 more useless threads, I'm glad to take some damage for the rest of us.

    3. Levent


      I might have some bad news for you. Lol.

    4. Den-Fi


      I know, I know... you can't fix [not nice word].

  8. That does not sound good, bearings inside that hdd might be shot.
  9. In theory every single piece of rotating assembly will resonate. Mine probably does but I use aftermarket Arctic Twin Turbo 2 and I never even hear its fans.
  10. You are correct, skylake is the last supported architecture (6th gen to be exact). I stand corrected.
  11. Windows 7 supports UEFI (so does Vista). You most likely attempted to install it on a newer CPU/Chipset (anything past Ivy Bridge or Haswell does not support windows 7). TBH dont even bother installing W7 on newer hardware, you wont find drivers for most of the stuff.
  12. I have the same laptop and I am pretty sure that is physical damage. I have used my laptop just with touchpad over a year and I dont have any damage with mine, I just have wear marks due to use.
  13. If anyone needs their app/website/service localized or translated to Turkish, DM me. I got some spare time in my hands and I am trying to get my name out there.

  14. That wasnt surprising. I mean take a look at Cyanogen, they only did software and lasted a year or so.
  15. RX570 is an overclocked RX470. Literally same GPU, improved manufacturing process.
  16. I just had to untangle 100 meters of UTP cat5e. 

    1. Windows7ge


      Solid core or stranded?

      Riser or Plenum?

    2. Levent


      some cheapo china special stranded cat5e. It was supposed to be a roll but shit came without a roll I almost slashed my wrists trying to untangle it. Piece of shit cable gets caught to itself easily. 

    3. will4623


      I once had to do this with cable that didn't roll nicely because it had bean tangled so long.

  17. High refresh rate is something you get to appreciate more you use. I felt the same way until I played games on 1ms 120hz screen for couple of hours, when I got back home to my 5ms 60hz display I felt like something was wrong with my computer.
  18. Also I should mention that OP said that GTX950 worked in the same X16 slot but RX580 doesnt however card works in the x8 slot.
  19. That is a great username.

    1. Shit tier xeon user

      Shit tier xeon user

      Thanks :)