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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

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    3570K (delidded) 4.5Ghz
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB LP (4GBx2) 1600mhz CL9
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    HD7850 w Arctic Cooling TT2
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    840/850 Evo RAID0 + bunch of 2.5 drives in raid0
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    Corsair VS450
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    Dell E2214H
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    unfortunately, W10

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  1. Levent

    Best cooling for a Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550

  2. not really no. Unless you ported it yourself and made it work and didnt release to public.
  3. Who the hell uses their phone in landscape/sideways? I wish android team got their shit together and only implemented an iOS like solution, like turning your phone sideways while watching a YouTube video only makes it full screen rather than completely switching to sideways UI. It's fucking pointless with huge ass phones we got.

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    2. floofer


      iOS is so locked down I like to customise my phone thank you and its very too expense! Why would any1 use a duel core on iPhone now lol, my Samsung j3 from 2012 runs better than an iPhone anyway who wud buy Juan. fuck apple. 



    3. Levent


      believe me I been using android since 2.1 and all that "customisation" gets boring nowadays, it starting to feel like I need to root every android device I own so that I can add few crucial features that are missing on android since day one.

    4. floofer


      Serious though, that's pretty much how jailbreaking was, now all the features are just there, so not much point. Sometimes stealing ideas from the community isn't too much of a bad thing. That said, Android is a lot better than it used to be. 

  4. I cant think of hardware you cant run linux on, I can however think of some shitty wifi/bluetooth cards that have shitty drivers on linux. (mainly broadcom stuff)
  5. I remember MIUI being heavy on the ram, 2GB might not be enough if you are going to get a MIUI device and use it somewhat more than average.
  6. Levent

    Can I unlock a locked Bootloader?

    Basic keyword search proved to me that you didnt even bother googling. But to answer your question, yes.
  7. Levent

    Monitor stuck as pnp monitor

    have you tried a different cable?
  8. I cant also push further than 4.4Ghz without putting very significant voltages through it. I can get 4.3ghz with 1.15v while 4.4 requires 1.28v.
  9. I got a router in my room but still I find myself laying cat5s to my laptop when I want to stream games to my laptop from the desktop. 

    This fucking shit sucks. 


    1. imreloadin


      Yep, that's wi-fi for you...

  10. I have been playing Serious Sam 2, this game is still awesome.

  11. lol, that letter was a crucial one.
  12. Levent

    Laptop charging issue

    you probably did more damage that I anticipated, when my lenovo g510 shorted out it also had the same symptoms. Its now lying in trash somewhere.
  13. Levent

    Laptop charging issue

    get a new battery.
  14. By all means get one if you cant do a day without your computer but other than that you really can get graphics cards almost everywhere nowadays, I wouldnt even waste money until its becomes a necessity.
  15. Just rename it .rom. However you HAVE to rename it back to its original name in order for your bios to recognize it.