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  1. cmwetterman

    pc download speed.

    see the thing is it runs damn near the same on both my phone and PC
  2. cmwetterman

    pc download speed.

    Ethernet, and that's interesting. almost everything I do on my phone runs faster than my pc when it comes to downloads and even downloads that don't go through the play store
  3. cmwetterman

    pc download speed.

  4. cmwetterman

    pc download speed.

  5. cmwetterman

    pc download speed.

    So I was looking into my DL speed while downloading Fortnite and various other applications on my phone and my PC. While doing so I have came to the conclusion that my download speed on my pc is typically only around 2-3mbps and on my phone I have close to 15-20mbps. is their a reason this would happen?!?! PC BUILD intel i5 9600k @ 4.6ghz GeForce rtx 2060 16gb's ddr4 @3.1ghz
  6. cmwetterman

    possibly best cpu ever

    ok so I just went back into my bios and this is exactly what it says. CPU Frequency 4307.15MHZ BCLK 100.00MHZ Temperature 20.c Voltage 1.176v I don't know exactly what the bclk means
  7. cmwetterman

    possibly best cpu ever

    the volts are right around 1.1 or 1.2 and the temp is actually pretty cool at less than 20.c
  8. cmwetterman

    possibly best cpu ever

    yea that's the max clock speed. but the what im really trying to figure out is that if my motherboard is pushing more Volts than normal to my cpu to cause an overclock
  9. so I just finished building my new pc. I have a gigabyte z390 UD motherboard and a i5 9600k cpu, the cpu core clock is 3.7ghz. so I go into my bios to check everything out and notice that my cpu is running at 4.3ghz at 1.1v is this normal or did I just get a damn good cpu?
  10. forgive me for being so ignorant on this subject but it all seems really complicated at the moment. From what im understanding though is that I need to try and get the highest ghz at the lowest voltage without the pc crashing. then I need to run a stress test to see if it crashes when fully loaded?
  11. so I noticed he was changing the voltage to overlock at 5.0ghz, would the voltage be different if I overclocked to lets say 4.7ghz considering that's what my cpu is rated at?
  12. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HS59X7P/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. ok so im completely new at overclocking and building a PC in general. I need a step by step guide of how to overclock this exact cpu on this exact motherboard. if anyone could help me out that would be great!
  14. could you suggest a software to use. possibly a free software
  15. so I was looking for some info on overclocking on a gigabyte motherboard...ive never actually attempted overclocking anything before and don't want to mess this up. I cant seem to find a video specifically expressing how to overclock the i5 on a gigabyte motherboard. I if anyone could link a video in the description or somewhat walk me through the steps I would really appreciate it.